10 Benefits Of Cloud Technology For Startups

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Over the past five years, cloud technology has really come to the forefront of the business world. One section of this world that can reap the benefits in particular, is the startup.

Startups are facing an uphill struggle from day one – there’s so much competition, so how do they stand out? Adopting cloud computing is one way to do so, as it allows you to grow quicker and with minimal fuss.

1. Security benefits

Before the cloud, you’d have to send documents via email, a back and forth that carried on for weeks. Emails are easily intercepted, misinterpreted and deleted. Cloud documents though, are secure, stored on your own server for increased security.

2. Eco-friendliness

Startups have to do everything it takes to stand out from the rest. Otherwise, they’ll get drowned out by the competition. Adopting an eco-friendly approach is a good way to make news headlines, because it’s uncommon. The cloud server only uses the energy you need, and nothing more. This is because it’s only used by you – it’s private. Less energy used equals a small carbon footprint.

3. It improves collaboration

If you’re a startup, you won’t have a huge workforce. You may even have people who work from home, in a different country. Fortunately, your collaboration will not be limited. Utilizing a document management system can allow you to work together on anything, from anywhere.

4. Automatic software updates

Cloud technology is awesome because it’s handled by a third-party, off-site. As such, you can upgrade your services at the click of a finger. That company can provide regular software and security updates to your server, with ease.

5. It’s cheaper

Cloud technology can be handled by a separate company, off-site, who will maintain your server. That means you won’t have to pay a salary for an on-site IT technician or team. You’ll have lowered installation, maintenance and repair costs. Startups must be frugal with cash, but they also need quality IT systems too. The cloud gives both benefits.

6. Data storage

You’ll only have so many hard drives and disks. You’ll only have so much money too, to buy new ones. Luckily, you can store all your data in the cloud – sometimes for free. You’ll have to pay a small fee for more space, but it’s cheaper and more convenient than physical drives.

7. Data backup

And with backup, comes storage! Picture this; your month-old startup gets hit by a flood, destroying most of your hard work. You didn’t back your data up, so the business is lost. Act now to prevent any grievous circumstances in future.

8. Save office space costs

If your staff can collaborate from anywhere, they can work from anywhere. Theoretically, you could ditch the office space and just have everyone work from home. You’ll save cash on bills, rent and more.

9. A different employment model

Now, you don’t have to just employ full-time workers on salary. You can employ contractors and freelancers that will work per job. You can build a global team, and as a startup, it’ll be difficult to pay people a salary. Now, you don’t have to!

10. It’s faster

It’s faster than emailing a document; you can edit it, then someone else can edit it five seconds later. It’s faster than storing and sending paper copies of your correspondences. It can save you time, and time is money!

An engineer by education and an entrepreneur by choice. Asish is a TCS Best Student Awardee, NDTV featured student entrepreneur and International School of Entrepreneurship Education awardee. He also worked with many startups and big companies for their business development and strategical growth. Asish has been heading The Startup Journal since its inception in 2014.