9 Famous Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded Without A College Degree

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Do you think that going to college for launching your startup is a necessity?  Can a college degree really help you to reach success in life and career?

Many times we see that people focus on going to school, studying, getting great grades and in the end they plan to deliver a stellar outcome. The reality here however is that one of the most interesting ways to become a successful is to focus on your business, because even if you go to school there’s no specific formula to achieve greatness.

Sure, education does have its own place in society but the reality is that in the end what you need to focus on is the implementation of education rather than anything else, so make sure that the educational system is implemented properly and the outcome will be amazing for sure.

Still, there are many entrepreneurs that have managed to achieve greatness simply by focusing on creating a great company and innovating, something you surely need if you want to focus on a stellar outcome. Marianna Velma has gathered up a bit with some of the major entrepreneurs that have managed to achieve great success in their business, and you can find that list right here.


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