How Applancer, A Freelance Marketplace Is Giving Tough Competition To Biggies

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“Apps are a huge part of the future. It was necessary to get the producers and the consumers together,” says Sahil Kohli CEO of AppLancer, when asked what made him conceptualize AppLancer. Comprehensively AppLancer is an ideal platform for budding and established app developers to garner the proper clientele, conversely, it is a huge platform for people with ideas looking for app developers. What he did not mention by virtue of his modesty is why AppLancer is an ideal platform for talented startups looking to exhibit their skills to the ever growing world of apps, its propensity towards startups and growing companies.

A principal reason behind the conceptualization of AppLancer is Sahil Kohli’s two-year stint as the CEO of Exousia Tech, an App development company. In reminiscence, he recalls the tough time he and his team had in building a clientele. This is primarily what AppLancer intends, giving an opportunity to all those startups like Exousia a fair chance at succeeding in the cut-throat business of app development. Unlike its competitors, AppLancer does not have a system in place which prioritizes established developers, it provides an equal opportunity to all. “Everybody gets a chance,” says Kohli gushing. Will this keep the big players away? “We already have more than 100 developers on board, many of them are the big players” gushes Kohli again.”Like I said, everybody is welcome.”

Applancer Team

The Applancer Team

With developers from India, US, UK, Ukraine and Poland already joined, AppLancer has started with a bang, it’s easy to navigate website and open approach is certainly exciting the industry. Right on the home page an user either can Post a project or Become a Developer, allowing all to join this revolution with no strings attached.

How Applancer Works

how applancer works

Another dominant force adding to its unprecedented start is the impressive business experience of CEO Sahil Kohli. At the tender age of 18, he along with his friends started Xerocopy, a company cleverly selling advertisements on photocopies needed by college goers which lowered the cost of photocopies for these students. Clever, isn’t it. Then he indulged in Daytrading, gaining substantial knowledge of markets and their unpredictability. Then came Exousia Tech, an app development company, which of course influenced the creation of Applancer.

Applancer’s impressive start in the industry has attracted eyeballs, and why not! Seeing how the app development industry has come of age, it’s inception has come at the right time for developers and project owners.

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