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Sub-Editor & Content Head at The Startup Journal.

IndusGuru: Startup Transforming The Consulting Industry

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Consulting is an industry at the cusp of disruption. Technology-led innovation has created efficient market-places in several sectors including most famously transportation (Uber) and hospitality (AirBnb). Similarly, the consulting or advisory business is also seeing the emergence of new business models that provide clients a range of choices, transparent pricing...

Be School-Wise The SchoolWiser Way

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Alexander McQueen says “There is no better designer than Nature” and we totally agree with this. So, the term ‘mother’ has always been synonymous with ‘creator, nurturer’ and so on.  Today, at The Startup Journal, we introduce yet another mother who has created this amazing portal – SchoolWiser, for parents...

This Startup Brings Out The Boho In You!

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And you thought Startups can only bring you shiny new toys? Well, today at The Startup Journal, we’re going for a ride! Tuck right in! Who are the Howdy Highlands? Howdy Highlands is an online community that grants exclusive access to extreme adventure trips at members-only prices. The world is...