Coupy: The First Rupee Saving Chatbot For India

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Shopping? Talking with friends? Need a deal?

Try using the new Coupy, the Coupon Chatbot for Facebook Messenger from Coupon Hippo.

Coupy Chatbot

Usually, people searching for coupons & promo codes use Google. However, this isn’t ideal if you are already chatting with friends and family about where to shop or eat on messaging apps.

“Facebook Messenger is the 2nd most popular messaging app in India. Everyone is talking about movies, shopping and more every day. We want Coupy to help everyone on Messenger without having to leave,” says Sunaina from Coupon Hippo.

Talking with Coupy is easy:

  • Start talking to Coupy by just saying “Hi” to couponhippo on Messenger or send a message via this link.
  • Message the name of a store, app or shopping category. You can also copy & paste a URL you are already shopping on. Three great options to say to Coupy and see how it works are: “Paytm,” “Dominos” and “MakeMyTrip.”
  • Coupy will respond with a list of working coupons & promo codes.

Coupy even lets you make it better for others. Fight the thing you hate most about coupon sites: codes that don’t work.

Tap a button to tell Coupy a code doesn’t work. Then the Coupon Hippo team will investigate and remove the code if it’s problematic.

CouponHippo says there are even more upcoming enhancements for Coupy on the roadmap.

First on the list is including Artificial Intelligence. It’ll Use Facebook’s option to make the chatbot more conversational.”

Chatbots are transforming the way consumers interact with brands from a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation. Facebook is the first to have a coding framework available for developers. The big win for chatbots would be to be available for Whatsapp as well.

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