Coworking: The New Work Culture

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Coworking is the new way to work that is giving startups, freelancers, and businesses, large and small, a different office experience that caters to the modern workforce. It’s not just a shared office space. It is a community of like-minded people who believe in sharing knowledge and success. ZoomStart India is the newest Coworking space in Navi Mumbai.

ZoomStart India

ZoomStart India

Here are the few edited excerpts of the interview with Tapaswi Patel, the promoter and Abhijeet Deshmukh, the co-founder of ZoomStart India:

Why ZoomStart India?

Tapaswi: Because India needs it now! On a serious note, I have read recently in one of the national newspapers that out of 19000 startups in India, only 8 have claimed the place in the much coveted ‘Unicorn Club’ (ventures that are valued at $1 billion and upwards) which is to be noted and researched.

Abhijeet: That’s not all. The ‘Startup India’ movement is an excellent opportunity for many startuppers (the new word for the startup founders!) to solicit support from the government as well as investors in the Indian market but many don’t know the know-how. There is an all-the-more need for many initiatives like ours to start, support and guide the startup community in India at large to realize their dreams.

What inspired you to open a Coworking space in Navi Mumbai? 

Tapaswi: Navi Mumbai is the newest entrant into the world of startups, filled with young startuppers in the city and surfer entrepreneurs from the adjoining cities like Mumbai, Pune & Thane.

ZoomStart India

Tell us more about the space.

Abhijeet: We are on the top of a hill! ZoomStart India is located in the picturesque locales and natural bounty of Parsik Hill, Belapur. It is a 4000 Sq. Ft space with 75 thematically organized work-desks and eight meetup spaces which include a performance theatre and an open-air workshop space.

Tapaswi: It is centrally located, and its just 3 to 5-minute drive from either Nerul or Belapur railway stations. If not all this, you can just cycle or trek up the hill and enjoy the natural fresh breeze!

What makes ZoomStart India unique?

Abhijeet: The perfect blend of Culture, Communication & Commerce: from seminars to symposiums, from book reading sessions to experience sharing platforms, from fire-side chats to small group discussions, from happening conversations to happening lives!

For more details, check ZoomStart’s website

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