This Startup Helps Artists To Showcase, Promote And Share Their Works Online

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Cupick - Artist Marketplace

“I am an artist. This doesn’t mean I’ll work for free”. This startup understands how much work an artist puts to make a beautiful canvas. To give the artists a place to showcase their talent, promote and sale their artistic work online Shaishav Todi, Rituraj Dowerah, and Justin Alva started Cupick.

Cupick was launched as a private beta platform on 20th August, 2014 and gone public on 21st October, 2014. It currently has more than 2500 artworks uploaded, 350+ artists using the platform and a total of 1000+ registered artists. The portal claims to have 75 percent of its artists from Indian whereas the rest are from US, Europe and other countries.

At Cupick, the artists decides their price, the artwork they wish to make available, and the products they wants to sell. The platform provides artists with unique features to protect their work such as metadata encoding, watermarking and download protection tools. The copyright to the artwork is always retained with the artist. Cupick has adopted a minimal theory to UI design to provide a simple and intuitive user experience.

“There are hundreds of thousands of artists creating beautiful work that just does not reach out to enough people. And if does, it isn’t being consumed and relished enough. We want to provide consumers more opportunities to both encounter and purchase art. Our aim is to help make art a part of everyday life” said Shaishav Todi, CEO at Cupick.

Cupick received INR 10 lakh from an HNI for building the platform. The portal is now looking to raise more funds for expanding products lines, scaling our user-base and to partner with more logistic solution providers.

The main competitors in the market for Cupick are India: Bluegape, Postergully, Society6.

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