Why Everyone Will Become An Entrepreneur? [Startup Infographics]

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With the ongoing trends of entrepreneurial culture and mindset towards working independently, one day the traditional job employees are going to be replaced by the entrepreneurs. This infographics shows why and how the world will replace employees with entrepreneurs.

Why Everyone Will Become An Entrepreneur [Startup Infographics]

Engineering student by education and Entrepreneur by choice. Asish is a TCS Best Student Awardee, NDTV featured student entrepreneur and International School of Entrepreneurship Education awardee. He also worked with many startups and big companies for their business development and strategical growth. Asish has been heading The Startup Journal since its inception in 2014.

2 Comments to Why Everyone Will Become An Entrepreneur? [Startup Infographics]

  1. I love the article.
    I do agree the days of employees are dwindling. More and more will be automated. In fact, even today you can now get a robot that cost less to operate than the cheapest factory worker. My guess is that 80% of current jobs could easily disappear in the next twenty years. Becoming and learning how to become an entrepreneur is really critical. Learning how to sell, network, perform joint ventures, etc… will become the most desired and sought after skill set.

    Jeff Spicer
    The Results Coach

    I am always looking to work with a few startups on a results only basis. No results (sales) no fee. I am highly selective about who I work with and prefer to work with those that have already tried to start a business but failed. However, I am always willing to network and connect with any entrepreneur.

  2. Asish Das

    Thank you Jeff. Indeed, the booming rate of entrepreneurs are surely going to replace this employee trend. But it will take some time because as you said to become an entrepreneurs is really critical. But if you have passion it won't take too long to be one.