GiggleGlory- Big Cheese For Your Little One!

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GiggleGloryWe all know parenting is not a walk in the park! One of the many challenges is to constantly cater to your child’s demands and needs.  This task becomes especially difficult when there is no one-stop shop for all their requirements.

Coming to your rescue, is GiggleGlory. This is an ambitious step towards making the job easier, by allowing you to satisfy your child’s wishes without breaking a sweat!

Launched in 2016, this Gurgaon based e-commerce startup venture has a vision to be a one-stop shop for the day-to-day needs of children. Giggleglory has started operations with five categories namely- Toys & Games, Sports Goods, Books, Stationery and Birthday Gifts.

Mr. Prabhaker Misra and Ms. Priti Misra are the minds and co-founders of this grand project. Mr. Misra is the CEO and heads the overall business for GiggleGlory, he is also in charge of the ‘Sports’ category and marketing initiatives for the startup. He formerly worked with reputed companies like Bharti Airtel, Tata Teleservices, BlackBerry and HERE as part of their sales & marketing team.

Ms. Misra is the director and is in charge of the ‘Toys and Games’, ‘Stationery’, ‘Books’ and “Birthday Gifts’ categories. She also looks after strategizing on which products to be made live on Giggleglory.

Mr. Prabhaker and Ms. Priti are parents to twins and they closely understand the preferences of a child, be it a boy or a girl. This is a huge contributing factor to the distinction of the startup, as they deeply understand the market they are catering to.

The novelty of the startup is that it targets children between the age of 3-16 in a Kids online market that is saturated with baby and maternity products. It further provides value added services such as same day delivery in specific areas under ‘GG Express’, a gift guide for quick help and GG Birthday Club. Additionally, there is ‘GiggleGenie’ which allows the customer to describe a product they have seen but cannot find in stores, GiggleGlory then gets back to the customer with their closest search of the product.

Intelligent selection of products in general and toys & games in specific has made GiggleGlory grab customers attention and bag encouraging feedback within a quarter of going live. The self -funded startup is looking forward to introduce categories like kids wear, kids care, furniture, furnishings, musical instruments, and electronics in a phased manner over a period of time.

We wish GiggleGlory a bon voyage in this endeavor.

An engineer by education and an entrepreneur by choice. Asish is a TCS Best Student Awardee, NDTV featured student entrepreneur and International School of Entrepreneurship Education awardee. He also worked with many startups and big companies for their business development and strategical growth. Asish has been heading The Startup Journal since its inception in 2014.