This Startup Lets You Discover & Book Sports, Fitness And Outdoor Activities At One Place

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Sports & Fitness industry lags other industries which have adopted intuitive services discovery platform. Today even groceries are delivered through few taps on mobile but there is nothing of that sort to find sports venues, trainers, fitness venues and their amenities, user feedback, outdoor activities, finding players to play any certain sport.

A lot of health related issues arise because of lack of minimal dose of outdoor activity & exercise, obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke etc. are most common. Sports & Fitness awareness is on boom and the fitness industry is multi-billion dollar globally with 15% Year-on-year growth. A lot of people drop out of outdoor activities and exercise because of lack of engagement & encouragement, the rest others don’t even get a chance to try because of availability issues of resources.

GoPlayr wants to make the world a better place by making people healthier in a natural way – by encouraging them to participate in fun-filled outdoor sports & fitness activities, by providing easy access to sporting & fitness resources like venues, outdoor activities, tournaments & a social platform to connect with play pal’s based on location. It is trying to solve these problems through a simple mobile & web-based app where people can connect with each other based on availability and sports interests and get together to engage in outdoor sports activities, users can also rent sports & fitness venues through our web & mobile app and see other users feedback and amenities.


GoPlayr Team

Currently, a team of 12 people with combined experience of 12+ years in Product design, development and 8+ years in marketing & sales are working at the startup and are being mentored by Industry experts. Co-founders Shwetang & Shreyas graduated from the same college – B.M. S College of Engineering, Bangalore. Shwetang & Vrunda have worked together on multiple projects in IT Services. Their previous experiences include working for MNC’s in India and abroad in the product, BI and marketing & Sales.

GoPlayr started its journey in January 2016 and have 1500+ registered venues in 3 cities. Since its android mobile app launch on 30th April and web launch in June – it has currently 2000+ app installs, 300-400 average daily web traffic and 1500+ venues registered in Pune, Bangalore and Gurgaon out of which almost 150~200 are using its software on a commission basis or licence basis.

GoPlayr is India’s first one-stop sporting platform for renting Sports & Fitness venues on pay per use or membership basis through its website and app.

Siddhartha Sarma

Siddhartha Sarma, a Microsoft Partner and a startup freak. Pursuing his B. Tech. in Instrumentation and Control engineering at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. He has a great passion towards entrepreneurship and has founded his own startup, Induskul. Apart from writing, he is passionate about computer programing and making new relationship in his professional network.