This Startup Is The Answer To The Most Common Question: ‘I want to do something but don’t know what’

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Does the innocent sounding question “How was your weekend?” elicit the same boring response from you every time?? Has ‘OK’ become a constant answer in your life? Do you really wish you had done something different or exciting this time around, without too much hassle??

So many questions which now has a solution

Fret no more… boredom you slay, just think Goyayy!

GoYayy is a one stop platform to discovering and booking a fun way to unwind. It’s a mobile based application where one can log in, explore and choose from a wide range of activities. These can be enjoyed with friends, family or simply by yourself. GoYaay encourages a break past the regular movie/ mall/ café routine and provides options that are high on energy and refreshingly different.

You can choose between a thrilling cycling, para-motoring, camping and farming experience in Delhi. If food and drinks is your arena we have special wine & beer tasting, tea tasting and cake making sessions, where you don’t just stimulate your palate but also carry the unique skills home. Or are you a daredevil ready to take life by the horns? Yes? GoYayy can get you a go balloon safari, adventure sports and safari bike trips right here in Delhi NCR.

Catering to different likes and mood, Goyayy offers activities that range from active to passive to gastronomic and much more; feel the adrenaline rush while Para-motoring or paint-balling or rejuvenating one’s senses by camping or opting for a farm stay or going on for a balloon safari, or simply indulging one’s taste buds with chocolate, wine and beer tasting

Goyayy is an app that will definitely tickle your Fun-o-Meter. Get set to discover the joys of life at Click of a Button

Watch out for the app!! Let’s GoYayy

Share happiness and make new friends
Karo Boredom ka the end!!!

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