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HashTales- Live Instagram Feeds For Events

People love pictures! They are easy to come by and they stir emotions right up. That’s why we have Instagram, right? So why not use those Instagram photos to get people completely involved into the moment?

Now what if you could bring all those photos together at one place and get people to look away from their phones and engage them with those photos in an interesting way, like they could see their photos and interact with others all while sipping a cup of coffee or rocking at a concert.

Before I spill the beans and tell you how it is possible, let me assure you that there is no Harry Potter magic or sorcery involved. Well it’s actually a service provided by Pulao Khayali, that keys you to bring your events alive.

It’s called Hashtales – Live Instagram Feeds for Events.

Hashtales is a pretty cool product that does some pretty cool stuff in a pretty cool way. The service is very simple to use and you can sign up for it in less than 5 minutes. Well, technically it’s a web application that gives event organizers and producers the ability to take “Real time” Instagram photos that are tagged with their event hashtag(s) and display them on big screen(s) at their event.

Right now in India, event attendee’s social activities get sent out to the social stratosphere, and it’s easily lost or very hard to find by other event attendees or event planners in a sea of content. Hashatales.in offers a solution to overcome this problem by integrating Instagram.

Through hashtags it can gather all the Instagram activities in one place and put this content on large displays of the events and all this in real-time. It provides a connection between attendees and the events. It develops engagements with attendees and make them feel like they can contribute and participate to the event.

Events will gain more visibility by driving compulsion of taking pictures among their attendees and can expand the reach and visibility of their events.



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