Housing.com Co-founder Advitiya Sharma Quits To Start A New Venture

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Nearly 9 months after the board has dismissed former co-founder and CEO Rahul Yadav of the real estate portal Housing.com, another co-founder and former board member has quit the company to start his new venture. Advitiya Sharma, known as the backbone of Housing, resigned on Wednesday with an internal email marked to CEO Jason Kothari and Housing.com employees.

With this, now Housing is company left with three co-founders Abhishek Anand is chief technology officer; Snehil Buxy is chief product officer; and Amrit Raj is head of digital marketing.

In the email sent to Housing employees, Sharma said: “…But the toughest part of the phase were the last nine months. Nothing seems to haunt a team more than the threat of the survival of what they stand for.”

Referring to the layoff of 600 600 employees citing overstaffing, underperformance and restructuring in last Auguts, Sharma wrote,

“We had to shut down a few offices and rethink our vision. It meant letting go of many people who we had worked with, been friends with. People who believed in our vision as much as we did. It was excruciating. I will always have the lifelong attitude, of a grateful entrepreneur.

“Advitiya has played an invaluable role in the birth of Housing. It’s always hard to say bye to a friend and colleague, but we’re excited about what he will create next. The Company is successfully executing its plan to become the most trusted, transparent and efficient place for buying and selling homes in the country, and Advitiya can be rest assured that Housing is in good hands,” said Jason Kothari, CEO, Housing.com in an emailed statement.

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