How to Find Perfect Technical Co-Founder for Your Startup

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“I got a great startup idea. Do you know any developer who might be interested to work on it?”

If you are an entrepreneur then this question might not be new for you. This is a common question asked by many non-technical founders who have a great idea but lack in technical skills.

How To Find Perfect Technical Co-Founder For Your Startup

You might have a great technology based startup idea and a great business plan ready to pitch to the investors, but don’t have enough technical skills to make the product. And simply no investor will back a tech startup which lacks in tech talent. This is where a technical co-founder for your startup comes in.

Finding a tech co-founder is not at all an easy task for a non-technical founder. The challenge is to find a qualified and experienced developer who understands every small aspect of the project and must possess high managerial skills.

So what does it take to find the right candidate as the technical co-founder for your startup?

How About Learning to Code Yourself ?

This sounds perfect as it’ll save your time and money that you would pay to the tech co-founder. But this is one of the bad ideas to even think about. It’ll take you months or even years to expertise in any software development language and will restrain you on focusing on the business.

Validate Your Idea First

Idea validation is extremely important when you are looking for a technical co-founder. You are not selling dreams or vision, you are selling traction here. Do a survey to find out how many people are willing to pay you for the product. Money drives everything. Show your tech co-founder how much you both can make after the final product is launched.

Make a MVP

Having a minimum viable product to show to the potential candidate for the co-founder can help a lot. It shows that you are passionate about the project and already on the way to bring the idea into reality.

Attend the Hackathons

Now days there are many hackathons happening everywhere. These events bring the best programmers and developers under one roof. Attend these events to find the best fit for your startup. Also have a visit to the startup events, conference etc. who knows you might get one there.

Do an Extensive Search

There are many website available like, that helps you to find the right candidate for your startup. Even you can find many suitable developers in your Linkedin network.

Clear About the compensation

You are bringing a co-founder for the startup, which means you are bringing a partner. You have to be clear about the compensation the candidate should get. Be reasonable as you are utilizing their knowledge to build your empire.

I hope this will help many non-tech founders to make the right choice when looking for a technical co-founder. If you have any idea or suggestion to share, please comment below.

An engineer by education and an entrepreneur by choice. Asish is a TCS Best Student Awardee, NDTV featured student entrepreneur and International School of Entrepreneurship Education awardee. He also worked with many startups and big companies for their business development and strategical growth. Asish has been heading The Startup Journal since its inception in 2014.