Times When Indian Startups & CEOs Took Tweeter By Storm With Their Witty Tweets

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Blame them or laugh at them but Indian startups & CEOs have always been trying to troll each other on social media. Some of them were taken lightly and some were not. But whatever the reasons were, it gave the Indian Tweeterati a great piece of humour to laugh on. Here we have compiled some of the witty trolls for everyone.

When Flipkart’s Sachin Bansal gave his opinion about the entry of Alibaba in India.

Sachin Bansal Tweet

Soon after Sachin’s tweet it was Kunal Bahl with an epic reply. After all Alibaba invested in SnapDeal

Kunal Bahl Tweet

And this is when HSBC markdown Zomato’s Valuation by 50%!!

Mahesh Murthy Tweet

Amazon put out a cheeky tweet making fun of Zomato’s incessant logo design changes with #AurDikhao but Zomato’s reply was epic.

Amazon Tweets

Well, here’s the funniest add-on to that

Tanmay Bhatt Tweet

Certainly Amazon isn’t there only to troll but to get trolled 😉

Amazon Troll

OLA doesn’t like a third person interfering in its date

ola troll

uber troll

ols uber trollKept it to the end because it never ended…

Flipkart Troll

Snapdeal TrollCouponDekho Troll

Amazon Trolls


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