You’ll Envy Directi’s Office After Seeing These Pictures

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Startup culture has become known for several things over the years. The current buzz is around cool and swanky looking offices. But is that enough to make a startup look attractive to employees? Taking one step further is Directi, an 18 years old tech / web based product company that understands how to value its people and bring out the best in them.

Directi comprises of numerous successful businesses including Flock, Zeta, Radix,, Ringo and Codechef. These companies are owned, operated and invested in by Bhavin Turakhia and/or Divyank Turakhia.

Despite being more than a decade old company, Directi has retained its startup culture. Let’s have a look at what employees of this company get to enjoy every day.

Bean bags and X-Box Fifa for breaksBean bags and X-Box Fifa for breaks 1

Butler service to feed you as you workButler service to feed you as you work

Canteen with various recreational activitiesCanteen with various recreational activities - Table tennis

Canteen with various recreational activities -Pool table

Different themes for different areasDifferent themes for different areas 1

Different themes for different areas 2

Floor with lounge themeFloor with lounge theme 1

Floor with lounge theme 2

Floor with lounge theme 3

Floor with street theme – Street lights, Zebra crossing, actual man hole, roadFloor with street theme 1 - Street lights, Zebra crossing, actual man hole, road

Floor with street theme- Bus stop, swing, brick wallFloor with street theme 2 - Bus stop, swing, brick wall

Floor with street theme- Gate that opens into a tunnel that has actual auto rickshawsFloor with street theme 3 - GAte that opens into a tunnel that has actual auto rickshaws

Floor with street theme 4 - Richshaw stand with actual auto rickshaws

Floor with street theme 5 - Actual auto rickshaws

‘Chai Ki Tapri’ in Office canteenFloor with street theme 6 - 'Chai ki Tapri' in office canteen

Foosball for short breaksFoosball for short breaks

Live Jamming sessions in the eveningsLive Jamming sessions in the evenings

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