iTiffin – Changing The Way India Eats With Intelligent Tiffin

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iTiffin – Changing The Way India Eats With Intelligent Tiffin

No more junk foods and clumsy diet plans form today, this is the promise from iTiffin. Whether you are a student or a busy professional, now healthy and calorie defined food will be at your door step with just a click, call or SMS. This is the promise made by iTiffin: the Intelligent Tiffin, a Bangalore based food startup.

In their busy schedule, people get exposed to many health issues that affect their productivity, life span and daily life. Nutritionists can’t assist you for healthy food every day, but iTiffin can.

After extensive research and R&D works, the startup has come up with the perfect healthy meal. An average tray of iTiffin contains brown rice, three chapattis, lentil curry, one vegetable and a delicious salad. Delivered five days a week it sums up to Rs. 1,750 per month for 500 Kcal and Rs. 1,850 per month for 600 Kcal meals.

iTiffin have plans to lunch specific food trays for diabetic patients, heart patients, old age people and tie up with school to provide healthy notorious lunch to school children for their overall growth.

Clients can order meals from iTiffin using three different options, including direct order from their website, calling their service number or sending a SMS. This gives a convenient way to place order even if you are away from the internet.

Founded by Tapan Kumar Das and Ryan Fernando,  iTiffin has the capacity to produce 5000 meals per day. The company owns 20 vehicles and 25 person team to manage the end to end supply efficiently.

“We have only been around for one year, and still very dynamic. We are serving more than 700 orders per day”, said Abhishek Agarwal, Sales Manager of iTiffin to TSJ.

“Our clients at Qua Nutrition often asked us to give them the food that we chart out for them”, quoted Das, an IIM-A alumni. “It struck me that instead of preparing their meal plans on a chart, it would be better to actually put it out on a plate”. This thought motivated Mr. Das to start iTiffin with some of his friends to deliver healthy and tasty food full of nutrition.

Big companies like Nike India Pvt. Ltd., Tata Teleservices are some of the clients that uses iTiffin’s service. About 50 percent of the clients are bachelors, 20 percent are senior citizens and rest consists of couples and students.

The service is only available in Bangalore for now, but the company is planning to reach out pan-India in near future.

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