Jack Of All Threads – India’s First Crowdfunding Platform For T-Shirts

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Jack Of All Threads – India’s First Crowdfunding Platform For T-Shirts

Jack of all Threads is India’s first platform to crowdfund t-shirts.  JoaT makes it super-easy for absolutely anyone to make money by designing and selling t-shirts online, 100% free of cost, using the power of crowdfunding technology.

Raisers design their t-shirts in minutes using JoaT’s online Designer and set their own selling price. JoaT handles the production, distribution, payment collection and customer support and transfers the profits to the Raiser. Best part, the Raiser pays NOTHING– all costs are transferred to the buyers.

Founders, Jack Of All Threads

Founders, Jack Of All Threads

Founded by four young minds Yash Vardhan Kanoi, Pratibha Nair, Akash Datta and Apoorvaa Agarwal, the startup is based on Bangalore. It was started 2 years back in July 2012, while all of the founders were still in college. Two of them were studying in Bangalore and two in Singapore.

They started with regular bulk t-shirt printing for colleges. Very soon after the startup took a social spin and allowed all buyers to donate an extra few rupees per t-shirt to a cause. JoaT would match their donation, the total amount would go to the cause, and the buyers would get a special symbol of recognition printed on their t-shirt corner.

The idea of the crowdfunding platform came in nearly 2 years ago when JoaT was began trying to help social causes. The founders wanted to print t-shirts for animal welfare, but didn’t know how many people would want it, and were afraid to hold stock ourselves. They initially thought to simply try this via Facebook photos. Many months and much experience later, the startup is helping others deal with the same setback, and with a slightly more sophisticated solution.

The name itself sounds interesting and while asked about the story behind the name the founders share,

“JoaT has been started by students (at that time) who were sick of sitting in classes where they studied just one field. We all had diverse interests and weren’t quite ready to settle for a single label. Jack of all Threads is a private joke to showcase our true culture.”

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The founders have dropped all other plans of the future and are giving their 100 percent to the startup.  They are constantly improving the technology to make the platform more accessible and very profitable for individuals and communities.


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