OLA Launches Its Car Pooling Service ‘OLA Share’ In Bangalore

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OLA Share

Taxi hailing service Ola on Tuesday launched a new feature called ‘OLA Share’ on its app that will allow its users in the city to share rides.

As an introductory offer the service will be available at a flat fare of Rs 50, Ola said in a statement. Ola has also introduced the concept of social groups on its app.

Riders can create their social groups and share the rides with their colleagues for a safe and comfortable ride. Initially the feature will be rolled out to select users in Bengaluru, will be made available across 5 cities over the next three months.

“A user can join multiple groups or simply choose to share a ride with anyone. As soon as a user requests a ‘Share’ ride on the Ola app, they will be matched with other users from their groups along their way,” OLA said.

“This will also contribute towards significant reduction of traffic, congestion and pollution in our cities,” Ola Share Head Ishan Gupta said.

A maximum of three people can share a cab together via Ola Share. Driver-partners get an option to log into the Share platform, getting instant access to increased revenue of up to 50 per cent, through continuous fulfillment of booking requests, it said.

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