Olacabs Hacked; Company Denies Any Server Security Breach

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Olacabs Hacked

On demand taxi service Olacabs has been reportedly hacked today. A hacker group named TeamUnknown has taken the responsibility of the hack and has posted the database structure of Olacabs on Reddit. The hackers claim to have access to user details, credit card details, transaction history and unused voucher.

As proof, TeamUnknown has posted snapshots on Reddit which shows the database structure of the Olacabs server. The hacker added to the post that the hack was ‘a little tricky and involved many steps to get to the database.’

Olacabs Hacked Database

Olacab Database Structure

According to the hackers, Olacab’s application design is very poor and its development server is weakly configured as well. They also added that the access to Ola’s user database was like winning a lottery.

Ola Cabs has however completely denied that there has been any security breach in their servers.

The company has issued the following statement:

“There has been no security lapse, whatsoever to any user data. The alleged hack seems to have been performed on a staging environment when exposed for one of our test runs. The staging environment is on a completely different network compared to our production environment, and only has dummy user values exclusively used for internal testing purposes. We confirm that there has been no attempt by the hackers to reach out to us in this regard. Security and privacy of customer data is paramount to us at Ola.”

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