Zoomcar Launches Electric Vehicles In Kolkata

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Zoomcar Kolkata EV

Zoomcar, India’s largest self-drive car rental startup, has launched its fleet of electric vehicles in Kolkata. This addition would increase the number of electric vehicles (EVs) in its fleet to 2,000 by December this year, a company official said today. Kolkata is the fifth city for Zoomcar to launch electric...

6 Lessons From Elon Musk For Entrepreneurs

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Elon Musk Lessons and Advices

From revolutionizing space travel, transforming electric cars to inventing the brain-computer interface, this man has done it all. Elon Musk is the founder of space transportation company SpaceX, electric vehicle company Tesla, payment merchant PayPal, solar energy service company SolarCity and the inventor of brain-computer interface company Neuralink. Recently he...

All About Maharashtra Shops And Establishment Act

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The Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act directs the activities of shops and business foundations. The Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act was acquainted with managing the hours of work, yearly leave with wages, wages and pay, working women issues and youngsters and other issues related to retail. Even after introducing the...