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7 Things That Make Baniyas Different From Others

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Baniya Bizness Gene

Baniya is a word that has become very common in our everyday speak. Heard mostly in the markets, the word “baniya” is associated with traders or the business-class people who are typically experts in number-crunching activities and trading. The Baniya clan, blessed with a commercially bent mind, has some typical...

16 Reasons To Not Start A Startup

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Start-up is a buzz word among the young minds not only in India but also worldwide. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and we have seen many reasons why to start a start-up. Entrepreneurship is being encouraged by everyone and is the next game changer of the society we are...

18 Brutal Mistakes That Can Kill Your Startup

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Mistakes That Kill Startups

Start-ups are the brain child of any entrepreneur who wish to make changes in the real world with their innovative ideas. But 50 percent of the start-ups fail before they reach their magical ‘cash flow’. There might be hundreds of mistakes because of which a start-up fails; but the common...