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From Idea To IPO; An Inforgraphic

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From Idea To IPO

A startup starts from an idea that can revolutionize the world and as it continues its growth it goes through many funding stages and end up with an IPO (Initial Public Opening). An initial public offering, or IPO, is the first sale of stock by a company to the public....

Path To Startup Success – An Infographic

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Path To Startup Success - An Infographic

What it takes for the success of your startup? A good co-founder, a good team, launching your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) fast, make what solves real life problem and never give up. Apart from these what more you need to keep an eye on? This info-graphic by Funders and Founders...

What Is The Right Time To Register Your Startup?

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When Start-ups Should Register

New businesses raising funds shouldn’t wait until they begin pitching investors to register themselves as a company. It could lead to delays and tax trouble, too. There is perhaps no conversation start-ups ignore more than they do ones on legal and compliance. This is not entirely without reason, given the...