A Startup Venture With A Twist

With reports claiming that niche-retail is on the rise, comprising of about 40-50% growth, it is of no surprise that start-up ventures are re-thinking the concept of retail in modern times. Start-up retailers who have dared to imagine beyond the conventional motor and brick set up comprising of four walls are now finding various avenues to extend their line of products and services. An idea out of the ordinary combined with the new means in which people are willing to shop is slowly culminating into a seamless experience for retailers and buyers.

The contemporary approach to retail has moved away from e-commerce establishments and is more likely to experiment with diverse options that can integrate a focused retailing approach using tools and methods that are exciting and more engaging. Creating the right experience for customers is no longer limited to having them come to you. The concept of retail on wheels is rapidly picking momentum owing to the efforts of Harssh Chedda (Founder, Corporate Collars) by using a mobile van to deliver services pertaining to Be-spoke Tailoring on Wheels.


The company believes in being truly apart from other retail ventures in being a ‘Boutique-On-Wheels’. Keeping in mind the increasing overhead costs of real estate properties in opening a brick and mortar retail outlet, the future of mobile retail seems more a lower total start-up and lot less risky in today’s dynamic marketplace. Corporate Collars has turned to the concept of mobile enterprises in lieu of its gaining popularity across the U.S. Corporate Collars has turned to  businesses on wheels because they are a fairly inexpensive and an easy way to start a business. Harssh Chedda, Founder & CEO of Corporate Collars, realized that it is not just ice cream trucks or food vendors, mobile businesses can grow to encompass an eclectic mix of business activities and customers.

Corporate Collars is one such undertaking that implements putting inventory on wheels to reach more people. The mantra of this undertaking is to reach customers in far and wide reaches of this bustling city rather than hoping for them to discover you and your services. Corporate Collars caters to customer needs right outside their doorstep. It is like getting customers to walk into a closet and deliver tailor-made suiting and clothing. It offers the flexibility of going out into the community and finding business instead of hoping and praying that they will discover you. Corporate Collars has been successful in taking a conventional retail start-up venture and turning it into a decked out mobile van equipped with everything. It is an innovative way of avoiding overhead costs with brick and motor retail and thereby galvanizing customers.

Commenting on this, Harssh Chedda (Founder & CEO, Corporate Collars) states, “Corporate Collars believes that while e-commerce sites have lower overhead, some business owners might not want to miss out on meeting customers face-to-face and watch them experience Corporate Collar’s products first-hand. I wanted the flexibility to go out into the community and find business, instead of hoping and praying people would discover me. The future of mobile retail is going to be very diverse. It is an out-of-the-box approach to discover potential and interested clients or customers that can also make up for a viable start-up model.”

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Siddhartha Sarma

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