T-Hub And ICRISAT Launch Accelerator Program For Agri-Tech Startups

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India’s largest start-up incubator T-Hub and ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid-Tropics) have jointly launched AgriTech Accelerator Programme in Hyderabad on Wednesday. The three-month acceleration programme starts from February 15, 2017.

During the period, RViP (Riverbridge Ventures Innovations Platform) would work as a full-time partner for enabling and scaling the efforts of the participating agri-tech start-ups.

Jay Krishnan, CEO of T-Hub said, “The potential to innovate and scale innovation from start-ups is what we are trying to achieve through this programme. We are sourcing the top start-ups globally to come up with solutions which will solve the myriad challenges faced by the sector.”

Agritech Accelerator enables the start-ups to scale their projects through real-time management, full-time engagement and knowledge sharing. The selection process involves up to three levels of application screening to curate the most relevant applications to finally identifying the top 10 participants of the programme.

ICRISAT Director General Dr. David Bergvinson commented “In order to double Indian farmers’ income by 2022, we need to accelerate the development and delivery of demand driven innovation that gives economic agency to farmers. The AgriTech Accelerator program will bring together agriculture, IT and finance entrepreneurs to develop tailored services, technologies and market integration to support sustainable (social, economic, environmental) rural development at scale.”

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