Tekfusion Wants You To Dispose The Earphones That Came With Your Smartphone

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In this busy world, where smartphones are on the rise, there is an undoubted need for spending quality time with your music, whether you are at home relaxed, or on the move. As bad as it may sound, when you bought your smartphone, you might have received a pair of hands free supplied by your phone manufacturer which is to suffice the basic function of playback, but if you love your music more than anything, you may face a disappointment in terms of its sound output. As a discerning music listener and fanatic, you have an option to buy earphones online, and this is where Tekfusion comes into the picture.

Founded in 2011 by Jayesh M. Mehta in Bengaluru, Tekfusion Technologies has had a singular focus to produce high quality earphones; fully designed and engineered in-house. Being an audiophile and product design engineer, Jayesh wanted a pair of earphones with superior audio accuracy and ultra-wide bandwidth, which he can use himself. In under a year, of the company’s incorporation, Jayesh had already designed his first ever prototype of a product which he called the Twinwoofers. The product was so named due to its ability to achieve a much generous lower frequency response, compared to many other prototypes developed at the time.


In 2012, the company launched Twinwoofers on the e-commerce market space in India, and by 2015, it had sold over 40,000 units with just word-of-mouth marketing.

The company’s CEO and Managing Director, Jayesh Mehta, says that “Our customers are happy, not only with the high-performance sound, but with the fact that we have been honoring our warranty and service since day one.”

The startup launched a White Edition of the Twinwoofers in 2013, and during the same year, it launched a high-end Twinwoofers M Headset, which came with several accessories such as extra double flange noise-isolating eartips and hard carry case.

White Edition of the Twinwoofers

White Edition of the Twinwoofers

Tekfusion has sponsored head-fi.org – an online audio gadgets community during 2014 to 2015 when it also announced the launch of the Twinwoofers in the US market through Amazon US.

In 2014, the company did its research on how well wooden chassis, along with aluminum body can work with its 10mm HD Dynamic speakers to reproduce sound; later that year, Tekfusion released the Ecoofers In-Ear Headphones, with its design inspired from nature. The Ecoofers comes in two variants – Bamboo and Ebony.

Tekfusion’s products have been reviewed by bloggers, journalists and audiophiles all over the world and its Twinwoofers in-ear headphones received a Golden Ear “Recommended” award from Golden-Ear.net In August of 2016, Tekfusion released its new website to ease the process of online shopping for its earphones, enhancing warranty claim and earphone burn in – a process followed by audiophiles to get the best performance stats from new earphones.

To stay ahead of its game, the company plans to invest on the research and development of transducer drivers, both small and large, and futuristic portable audio products.

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