The Top Ten Startup Mistakes [Startup Infographics]

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A single mistake and your dream turns to ashes. Startups are the dream baby for many. Whether you are a first timer or a serial entrepreneur, many mistakes should be avoided to establish a startup and successfully execute the innovative idea behind that. The infographics shows the most frequent mistakes done by the entrepreneurs.

Ten Biggest Startup Mistakes You Should Avoid [Infographics]

Engineering student by education and Entrepreneur by choice. Asish is a TCS Best Student Awardee, NDTV featured student entrepreneur and International School of Entrepreneurship Education awardee. He also worked with many startups and big companies for their business development and strategical growth. Asish has been heading The Startup Journal since its inception in 2014.

4 Comments to The Top Ten Startup Mistakes [Startup Infographics]

  1. Iiro Kolehmainen

    Could you provide the source? Looks OK but would love to see where this info is collected.

  2. Hi Asish,

    Great site, and article.

    All of these areas are definitely major issues for startups.
    However, in my opinion these are technically all caused by a single issue.
    Sales in my opinion is really the number one issue/mistake that entrepreneurs get wrong.

    If you focus on sales first you will never build something no body wants, have plenty of money to fund yourself, and attract great investors if and when that time comes. Of course after sales, setting up great systems, networking, and bringing on good help are all necessary, but everything is secondary to sales for a startup.

    Great information and topic though
    Thanks for sharing

    The Results Coach

    I am always looking to work with a few startups on a results only basis. No results (sales) no fee. I am highly selective about who I work with and prefer to work with those that have already tried to start a business but failed. However, I am always willing to network and connect with any entrepreneur.

  3. According to Mr. Jordan Belfort, the biggest mistake is investing too much too early. Whatever your business model is, you should test it in a smaller scale – as someone managing a startup business myself I think this is very true. Of course what Mr. Jeff Spicer below my comment say is also a golden rule, and that is why we see a lot of ex-marketing(sales) or ex-production guys starting up their own business successfully as opposed to management guys.