Uber Driver Threatens For Life; Says Will Call Goons If Not Paid By Cash

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Update: Uber Bhubaneswar head got in touch with us and made sure that the driver has been barred from the Uber system. He also assured us that no such events will occur in future. My friend got full refund with some extra Uber credit. 

Today, I and my friends were threatened by an Uber driver in Bhubaneswar for life for not paying the bill by cash.

The story goes like this,

I and my friends went for a movie, after the movie ended I returned home on my bike and my friends booked an Uber cab. After reaching the destination, the driver stopped the ride and the bill showed INR 147 which instantly got deducted from my friend’s Paytm wallet. But the driver insisted them to pay the bill by cash, where Uber has no-cash policy.

Ride Details

Ride Details

Money Deducted From Paytm Wallet

Money Deducted From Paytm Wallet

After some arguments with the driver for the payment, he threatened my friends to call his goons and said, “dekh lunga agar paisa nahin dia”, which means, I’ll see you if you don’t pay. After some more arguments my friends called me to talk to the driver.

I tried my best to convince the driver humbly that Uber don’t take cash payments. But the driver said he was instructed to take cash unless the bill shows INR 0, which is applicable in OLA Cabs (I doubt he works for Uber and OLA simultaneously). I said that this happens in OLA Cabs not in Uber, but the driver said he won’t leave unless my friends pay him the cash. Then I asked him to call his office or his owner which he refused. He said the office only opens for 2 hours a day and it’s the order from the office to take cash payments, but if you go to the Uber website there’s clearly written that Uber don’t take cash-payments. And again he threatened me that if my friends don’t pay he’ll call the goons and will make them pay.

As my friends are from other states so I didn’t take the argument to the next level keeping eyes on their safety and said them to pay the driver and shoot the whole scene with their mobile.

Now we have the video which shows my friends are paying cash to the driver. My friends are still afraid that driver may attack them as he dropped just in front of their house and knows their address.

We just want to ask Uber some simple questions. Is this called customer safety? This is how you train the drivers? Why should we use your cabs if it’s life threatening for us?

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