Why Wired Headphones Will Not Disappear That Easy In 2017!

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Having been in the audio electronics market since 2011, when Smartphones and MP3 Players were on their early stages, Tekfusion forecasts that wired headphones are here to stay. In today’s fast moving pace, smartphones have taken the position of MP3 Players due to their powerful capabilities of playing perhaps any audio and video formats; also, research on wireless audio has been the latest trend. None of these are seen as a worrying factor for the half-decade old audio brand – Tekfusion, as their engineers predict that wired headphones cannot be entirely swapped by wireless, due to a significant number of reasons. Today, Tekfusion has announced the pre-launch of its new generation of wired headset, the Twinwoofers M 2.0, which the company will be ready to ship in the early February of 2017.

Tekfusion’s Views about Bluetooth Audio

While Bluetooth audio is going to be seen an adaptive change in future, Tekfusion’s CEO, Mr. Jayesh M Mehta explains in a statement that:

“We build products that we proudly use ourselves, and rely-on in the long run. Bluetooth Headsets are on the upswing, although, at this point of time, the growth of its market is not unprecedented, at least as far as the India is concerned. Curiosity has led to the existence of several low-quality, low-priced products only to disappoint the end consumer.”

Tekfusion strategizes its products based on two factors, of which, the first one is quality – which covers the sound quality, build quality, and the after sale service, followed by “Affordability to the masses”. As these are extremely important factors for the brand, it would rather not go for an unpolished or somewhat unready Bluetooth headset, which many other brands have opted for, to be in that market segment at this time, as explained by the company.

The company further debates that today’s Bluetooth headsets do not support streaming of audio at the bitrates preferred by audiophiles or discerning music listeners. Implementing such a technology would make the headsets costly for the masses, and from an economy standpoint, it would simply be a deal breaker. Due to these reasons, several brands have opted to go for Bluetooth headsets that stream audio at a standard 128kbps to lower the cost of the headset, and this has led to quite a disappointment for the end consumer.

Tekfusion’s Original Headset

In 2013, the company released Twinwoofers M Headset, priced at INR. 3399, which came with 7 pair of ear sleeves for noise isolation, and two carry cases.

The product was well reviewed by majority of journalists, although the main concern for the company was that its price was on a higher side, and was not affordable to the masses.

As the product was intended for the higher end audiophiles, and from its performance in the market, the company foresees that, the audiophile market in India is in its rising stage, with the possibility of the market reaching its maturity by 2022. While this market continues to grow, the company has re-worked on its original headset, which will be suitable for a vast majority of consumers planning to shift to better audio compared to the default headset supplied by their mobile manufacturers.

Tekfusion Pre-Launches the Twinwoofers M 2.0 In-Ear Headset

At the beginning of 2016, Tekfusion set up its team of engineers to give its original headset a makeover. Some major changes in the new headset will include a brand new, durable tangle free cable, noise isolating ear tips of different sizes, as well as a hard carry case. Twinwoofers M 2.0 will retain the company’s original hourglass shape, and they will have a matte black finish with silver accents on its aluminum chassis.


Twinwoofers M 2.0 In-Ear Headset

The all new headset will have echo-cancelling microphone, and a remote to control call answering and music playback, and will be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. As usual, the company will honor a one year warranty if you buy headphone online from its store at www.tekfusiontechnologies.com or from authorized Tekfusion dealers.

Tekfusion’s pre-launch offer will be starting at INR. 1999 and pre-orders will be accepted from 1st Jan 2016 and the company stated that it will ship out all the orders in early February 2017.

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