10 Essential Tools For Startups

In today’s non-stop revolving and globally interconnected business world, there are certain key tools aspiring entrepreneurs need to follow to help their companies achieve success. Starting a business and building it up is definitely challenging.  In today’s ruthless, fast-paced world of business, it is critical to build and maintain an online presence, as well as use the available apps and tools to monitor your business and help it grow.  Starting up a new business can be tough, but with these Top Ten Tools for Business Success, you are following the right path to guarantee your success.

Google Analytics – This helpful tool from Google will illustrate all the statistics you need to critique your website traffic with easy to read graphs and charts.  Check your website traffic flow, see what locations users are looking at your account from, and monitor website viewing trends with Google Analytics.

Google Drive – Google Drive allows business owners to effortlessly port and edit files from personal computer to smartphone to tablet.  This full office suite acts as a cloud drive permitting storing any and all files via a virtual drive.  With its ease of use and accessibility on all your devices, all your files can be simply stored and accessed.

EchoSign – EchoSign will save you work, time, and money with its eco-friendly design of virtually signing and sending documents. Easily upload your documents to the EchoSign server and send it to others.  Thanks to its electronic signature capabilities it makes signing and sending documents easier than ever.

Go Daddy – This website hosting platform is critical for building and maintaining your business website.  Users can create professional websites with Go Daddy’s vast array of templates incorporating social media widgets, unlimited bandwidth and WordPress compatitibilty.

WordPress – Since blogging has proven its success over and over again, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to marketing your business.  While the free version of WordPress is ideal for businesses using blogging as an addition to their website, the more intense paid version of WordPress is an excellent platform for aggressive marketing blogging.

Square – This amazing new technology allows anyone with a smartphone to carry out credit card transactions.  With more people carrying less cash these days, Square is ideal for new small businesses.  Perfect for small businesses like housekeeping, tutoring, and craft vendors, Square is essential for making that quick sale while you are on the move.

Skype – Young people today have no concept of long distance calls and charges thanks to programs like Skype.  With its video capabilities, phone, and chat features, Skype is perfect for long distance conferencing which can include interviews of potential employees and on-site instruction and tutorials.

LinkedIn – As your business builds and grows, you will find yourself in need of qualified individuals to hire.  With an online directory of resumes, your search for the right person to add to your team just got smaller and easier.

Social Media Channels – With millions of users devoting so much time to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, it is critical to get your business out there in the middle of the social media frenzy.  Your social media presence can engage more customers, increase sales, and attract new clients.

Local Search – With many home based business facing financial difficulties, one cost-effective way to augment your online presence is to ensure your company is listed in local search engines such as Google Maps and Yahoo Local. Doing this will guarantee that anyone searching for you online locally will find your company.

How many of these are you using for your businesses or you want any other tools to be added onto this list? Let us know through your comments.

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