Today, everything a human needs can be accessed with a single click from a computer with the help of the internet. With the growth of technology, we humans are also getting lazy day by day and this laziness is the common cause of health issues.

1to1Fitness, a web portal focuses on six major circles which are vital for a balanced and happy lifestyle viz, Assessment, Healthy Diet, Exclusive Workout, Personal Lifestyle Coach, Online Live Yoga Classes and Soul Points.

Through their service, the startup enables the users instant access to quick health assessment, customized nutrition plans, easy workouts and naturopathy tips. Users also receive one-to-one motivational advice which will enhance their energy levels and reduce stress. In addition, the customized action plans increase the happiness factor in the lives of the users. Such features are included in the service free of charge. Lifestyle Coaches are at your fingertips for any consultation.

The 1to1 Fitness lifestyle service is the first of its kind in India and all set to herald a new revolution.

“The modern professional is under constant stress. The cases of early heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and nervous break-downs are rising. We need a solution which can be practically followed to balance our body, mind and soul without making us compromise on our overall productivity”, said Rishab Chandra, founder of 1to1Fitness at the launch of the service on the World Yoga Day. He is hopeful that 1to1Fitness lifestyle service will be a boon to several corporate professionals seeking to maintain a positive work-life balance.

Rishab Chandra with over 10 years of valuable corporate experience in international IT processes, project management and product development, is also the founder of Script Technology, a cloud based solutions and online marketing company.

The website is still in its Beta version and the team expects to launch its Android mobile application soon in mid of this month.

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