In order to make the right moves in business, you need to rely on data. Smart business owners know this. For many, collecting data isn’t the problem – being able to actually interpret it and draw meaning from it is the challenge. Geospatial data representation, video visualization and data analytics can be the best possible way to navigate the information glut.

2020 Imaging wants to help. This 2 year old startup in upscale suburb of Mumbai has created radically new technologies for data analysis and visualization, with improved emphasis on the kind of data is that is usually ignored, the video data.

2020 Imaging facilitates clients with intelligent (logical and reasonable) and integrated solutions. It not only provides video management system but also advanced video analytics along with a sophisticated collaboration infrastructure with mobility, which makes it a complete alert management solution.

The company also provides analytics in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) space to help extract true value from sensor data by delivering advanced analytics, strategic insights, and enabling richer applications that minimize business disruptions.

2020 Imaging

According to analysts estimate, the market for video management and analytics – the industry term for sifting through mountains of data until you actually learn something useful from it – will hit $4 billion by 2020. That is only one part, the market for making sense of data through integration and intelligence is many multiples more.

2020 imaging has its inception from UK, where it was incubated in University of Sussex for its niche foothold in development of video analytics for security agencies to create KPI’s and take actions based on exceptions. Since then, the application has evolved into a full-fledged command and control software winning several accolades in the market.

2020Touch, the Intuitive, Intelligence and Integrated Operative Platform from 2020 Imaging enables customers to act proactively by providing:

  • A common operative picture from security, facility, business and city management systems
  • Management by exception through cutting-edge video and data analytics
  • High situational awareness from context-sensitive visualization of data over a touch interface

The 2020 Imaging platform is built on latest standards on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is fundamental to its distributed deployment model. It has fully embraced the openness of OPC technology. The data is protected by its three layers of security – at the application, communication and database layers.

The founding members and core team of the venture consists of techno-entrepreneurs who collectively have over a century of experience.

Having a strong foothold and expertise in the domain, their clientele consists of companies like Lodha, Pagoda, Lotus, Citrus, HPCL and Zicom.

2020 Imaging has proven to be the best in the market as a networked and hybrid alert management platform. The company offers an unparalleled reliability, scalability and manageability to many of its clients.

Over the past two years, 2020 Imaging has seen an increase of over 300% in the number of clients on its platform. These clients are using 2020 Imaging to enrich their sensor data and integrate insights into business processes.

The 16-acre open area at the Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai connects 200+ cameras on the 2020 system. Lotus Corporate Park in Mumbai uses the 2020Touch Technology for integrated operations.

The backend alert management platform of a Security Service Provider that offers 24×7 citizen safety service for customers on Samsung mobiles runs on the 2020 software.

Some of the accolades won by 2020 Imaging are,

“Led by a revolutionary user interface, the system off-loads tasks from the operators, reducing staff levels whilst making event response easier and more reliable” – info4SECURITY

“2020 is a company that can rapidly react to demands from clients” – BMJ Journal

The best bet for securing your business operations is finally here, move away from sunk cost and yesterday’s technology, reduce your reaction time to situations and act proactively.

2020 Imaging is the present and future, they are here to stay!

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