Everyone in their life carries a motto to make their parent as well as themselves proud by joining a profession which is highly respected in the society. There are certain jobs in the industry which are appreciated by everyone and employees working on those jobs get tremendous respect. Most of the time parents get proud of their children for their various deeds and getting a job is one them.

However, there are some jobs that have always been an aspiration for many people, and only a few aspirants get the taste of that success. So if you join those services, it will surely make you and your parent proud.
Parents always get proud whenever you land a job in your career because they know that it is a beginning of a new journey. As a son or daughter there is always an internal ambition among young ones to accomplish so that they gain respect from their parent and this is why they try hard to achieve profession that lies in the top tier section of the industry.

However getting those jobs in not an easy task and you have to work very hard so that you can cross all the hurdles. If you can pass all the hurdles of the recruitment process, then that would be a significant achievement.

The followings points will depict the name of four jobs that you should try to achieve, and it will surely make you and your parent proud.

Indian Administrative Service Job

IAS or Indian Administrative Job is a dream of millions of Indians as there are only a few jobs in the country that has so much respect, power, and salary. It is a difficult task to pass the recruitment process of IAS exam, and things get tougher after you become IAS officer as you will be one to enforce policies in the country. Before joining IAS, you have to pass through grilling UPSC exam where they will test your intelligence and capability.

Once you cross all the hurdles successfully, the hard work is rewarding as you will be showered with a lot of respect and salary adorned with benefits. An IAS officer is provided with a top tier position in the Central government, State government as well as in Public Sector Companies. The salary structure of an IAS officer, in the beginning, starts around two lacks and they are also offered private house and car.

Scientist at ISRO

Becoming a scientist at ISRO is a highly reputable job, and you will gain a lot of respect from your family and friends. Getting into ISRO is not a smooth process, and only a few selected geniuses achieve a scientist position. Most of the scientists are rated under SC and SD grade, and these categories entirely depend upon your academic qualification. The recruitment process is gruelling, and one has to achieve top marks in the exam to get into ISRO.
Everyone greets a scientist as a highly respected individual who is helping the country to move ahead in the fast pace world. Every scientist in ISRO earns a minimum salary around Rs 60,000 per month, and they also receive various other benefits that are allotted by the space organization.

Defence Job

There is no other job in the country that would make you and your parent more proud than a defence job, and it is probably of the one of highly respected position in the country. Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force and Indian Coast Guard are primary divisions of the defence sector of India. In all these divisions, every defence personnel are destined to protect their country from the enemies, and the security of the entire nation rests upon them. The recruitment process in tough in defence sector like in India Army recruitment one has to pass all the process to get a job.

India Army recruitment process is conducted as NDA exam, and once you pass all the test, you are provided with a position with a handsome salary and extra perks. It has been seen that parent of every defence personnel is proud of their children because they are offered the opportunity to protect a country of billions of people.


Doctors are always considered as the life saviour as they are the one who recovers people from serious diseases. A doctor on an average saves thousands of lives during their career, and they are gain a highly respected position in the society. If you become a doctor, you will see that your parent is very proud of your noble job.
A doctor carries a lot of Duties and responsibility in their strong shoulder, and when you save a life patiently, you will be proud of yourself. To become a doctor, you have to complete MBBS exam and gain proper skill during your course.

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