Ratan Tata, the name itself inspires thousands of lives. The legendary businessman, investor, and philanthropist is a boon to India. These 5 quotes from him could change the perspective of how we look at our lives.

  • The people you meet in this life, all won’t be good for you. Some will criticize, some will de-motivate and some will try to pull you down. All you have to do is ignore them and move on. You don’t need to explain to them your journey nor let them control your dreams. This is your life, live as you want.

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  • A life without excitement, ups, and downs is too boring and dull. You need to be a storyteller to your grandchildren, why don’t prepare for that from now? We get this life only once, experience every aspect of it. No one ever has grown without falling once, fail as many times as you can, then only you can succeed. So quit complaining and start exploring.

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  • We always complain about some external factors for our failure and misery. But the reality is none of them affect your dreams unless you give them the power to do so. Be focused on what you want to do and go ahead, success won’t be far from you.

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  •  This is one of my favorite quotes. If I ask you what is the right decision? Can you explain? No?

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  •  Life is unfair and it’s nowhere written to be fair. But it’s not only you or me, it’s for everyone. My talent differs from yours and yours from another person’s, but we have equal chances to succeed in our respective fields. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

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