Why To Startup After College

The job market is certainly unpredictable and uncertain because of the sudden recession in big companies. Still getting a nine-to-five job is easy right after getting out of college. While many colleges boast to give 100% career placement opportunities but they fail to place their students in a good and renowned company.

So most of the times the students are left with an unsatisfied job in an unhealthy working environment. They spent hours at their desks working hard for projects and there’s no social life exists for them.

I’m yet to pass out from college, though my study sessions ended but yet to receive certificate of completion. I’ve been selected in campus recruitments but honestly speaking that isn’t something I want to do. I always wanted to start my own business which will empower me to live my life the way I want to.

Instead of working for someone to grow their bank balance even if you don’t have interest in the job, why not work for yourself and enjoy life the way you want to?

Here are some reasons why you should get into your own startup and convert your dreams to reality rather than doing it for someone else;

You’ll Make The Difference

As an entrepreneur straight out of college you have many innovative ideas running in your mind which can make huge difference to the society. You are going to do some noble cause to the mankind with your innovation. And this is what you’ll always enjoy; not like that nine-to-five all day at desk job, because you are passionate about it.

The most successful men do rarely focused on ‘how can I make the more money than others?’ but are usually shaped around ‘how can I make a difference to the world?’

You’ll Do What You Love

You enjoy doing things because you love it. Unless you are in love with your job you are never going to be satisfied. Many college grads jump into a life just because they are told that that’s something they must have to do.

But as an entrepreneur you always know what you love to do, what your passion is. You can create your own career instead of giving it in someone else’s hand.

You’ll Start To Work Smarter

That nine-to-fine job only teach you how to work hard you’re a** off. It’ll never teach you how to utilize your resources in a smarter way. But when you start a business on your own you’ll try to figure out how to utilize every limited resource in an organized and smarter way so you can sustain in the market. This will make you more efficient, more workaholic. Moreover you’ll learn how to manage things.

Your Network Will Grow Big..Bigger

You might be an introvert kind of person in your college days. But if you are opting for an entrepreneurial journey then you have to be an extrovert to get more sales and leads for your business. Being an entrepreneur is the hardest job in the world but in the meantime it’s the most rewarding one also.

You’ll learn it’s not that much hard to know people in this small world which is now a small village connected with next-gen technologies. Big network mean more sales and more sales means growth.

Remember That Nine-to-five Job?

Many of the times college grads plunge themselves into entrepreneurship because they don’t want to work for long hours sitting in one cubicle the whole day.

But when you start your own business, there’s no one to order you to come to work at a prefixed time schedule. You will be your own boss and will determine when you want to start work and when to end.

There’s a misconception that you have to work sleepless nights when you startup. But it’s not true always, unless you decide to. If you can manage your time table then you’ll probably end everything within the scheduled time, so no late night sleep.

Financial Freedom

You have just got fresh out of the college. You haven’t yet stepped on the housing ladder – so no worry of paying for the house rent or any such expenses. But you earn money from your business if you start after getting out of college.

Though money shouldn’t be the primary focus for any entrepreneur, still you have to make money to sustain. Starting your own business gives freedom to manage your finances at your own. You don’t have to wait till the end of the month to get the paycheck and then you can enjoy for a week and again the same “need more money” situation.

There are many more reasons for starting up after getting out of college; these are a few. Follow your dreams and everything will find their way. Start as early as possible so when you’ll see your friends enjoying you don’t have to regret for your so called corporate job.

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