In today’s day and time, life is full of struggle. Entry level job seekers as well as the recruiters go through a tedious process to get a job or to offer a job, respectively. The “freshers”, as they are called so, find it difficult to evaluate their capabilities and likings in the very beginning- they are unaware of the fields that they can pursue, so they tend to jump from one field to the other. Also, there are other factors like locality of the office, work timings and salary expectations that puts a big “questionmark” in the minds of the newbies. So, bamboozled by the choice of the right field, self-confidence of the freshers-thus, declines.

By 2020, India is likely to become the youngest country in the world with the average population being of 27 years. Indian Economy is heavily dependent of entry level workers, with about 90 per cent of the total workers working in this field. Thus, an overall boost to them will definitely bring fruitful results for the nation.

But, the task is not as easy as it appears. The very base of it needs to be thought of as there lies a turbulent phase of recruitment. Every firm performs the tedious work of going through a number of resumes and then calling up a few people for the interview-which eats a lot of time. Also, it is not always that they come up with just the exact candidate they’re looking for.

Thus, a few IIT Bombay alumni have come up with a unique job portal – Aasaanjobs where a genuine attempt of sidelining the time issue in the whole process of recruitment is made. Aasaanjobs has brought the recruiters and the entry level job seekers on the same platform.

What team Aasaanjobs does is they carry out assessments of the candidates at their assessment centres, which are looking for the jobs. Through the assessment, they try to figure out the suitability of the candidate for a particular field. The skills of the candidate are evaluated in this process itself and this data is recorded for future use. On the other hand, there are recruiters registered with Aasaanjobs who are in a dire need of people to work for them. So, through its filters, the recruiters can look for a person whose qualifications and needs are matching with that of the organization’s requirements. In order to help a larger group of people directly, the firm came up with the “Aasaanjobs Job Search App”.

Aasaanjobs - How It Works
How Aasanjobs Works

Dinesh Goel, one of the founders of Aasaanjobs, back in 2013 saw that the entry level and blue collar job marketplace was highly disorganized, and the hiring mechanism extremely unsystematic, with a complete absence of skill benchmarks of candidates. Aasaanjobs was thus born to address this problem.

The startup has perfectly blended technology with an end-to-end assistance to make the lives of the entry level job seekers and the recruiters more simplified. The pay-for-success model, as well as an assessment process to verify a candidate’s skill sets before they can apply for jobs, goes a long way towards reinforcing a customer’s trust on the portal’s exhaustive and streamlined process.

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