Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the world today and adventure tourism leads the way in this segment. As times change millennials have focused more on experiential travel adventure sports where they can experience new things and explore different cultures. “With a number of budget airlines springing up to meet the demands of travellers I find it makes more sense to travel now instead of saving up for travel in an uncertain future” says Namrata Bangera. Many countries are increasingly focusing on prioritizing adventure tourism for economic growth because they’ve come to realise its ecological, cultural and economical value.


A global adventure tourism market report forecasts a 45.99% CAGR between the period 2016-2020. In the year 2015 the adventure tourism industry generated a revenue of $7.88 trillion.

Technology has played a major role in promoting the growth of adventure sports. With social media breaking barriers and globalizing the online community, it has managed to serves as a source of inspiration for millions of enthusiasts online. 23 year old Trisha Sengupta, an avid trekker claims that the tech revolution is the reason she got into adventure sports in the first place. “For me, my call to adventure began in my own living room. I was never an adventurous child growing up. It was Tv shows, online videos and instagram posts of beautiful serene mountain tops that made me crave nature and the unexplored adventure that comes with it”.

The online age has also helped promote adventure sports in India. With adventure sports portals such as Advensure helping enthusiasts find the wanderlust they crave. The adventure sports industry in India was slow to gain traction, but has picked up pace at a tremendous rate in recent years. The slow start could be blamed on the lack of good, responsible adventure sports vendors, the high prices involved and lax safety measures.

Manan Vora, founder of Advensure, a marketplace for discovering and booking adventure sports online, has faced many of these problems himself – “For me as a customer, the process of locating these activities, getting my questions answered and booking them was extremely hard. Add to that, the issue of making sure whether the operator is reliable and has taken proper precautions against accidents, makes the process an adventure in itself. We want to simplify this process so more people are encouraged to try out adventure sports.”

Manan Vora Advensure io Founder
Manan Vora

Advensure is an intuitive marketplace for adventure sports. With it’s simplified location and sport based discovery, you can find where adventure sports are happening, get all the relevant information, make inquiries and book the activities online. Advensure strongly believes in adventure as a way of life, and strives to promote adventure sports in India by breaking down the barriers between vendors and customers.

Over the past few years with an increase in spending power, reasonably priced gear, and more responsible sports companies, the old excuses have fallen apart and given rise to an era of adventure sports empowering many more to travel the and experience these activities.

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