Up-growing talents of today’s generation are more motivated towards being an entrepreneur and starting up their own business ideas. In the advent of time, people are tired of working under someone and want to work for someone hand in hand. Afleo.com is one of them. Being a start-up itself, wants to help other start-ups for beginning and growing their businesses by providing a legal platform.

How it started?

Afleo came into power when it’s founder Keval Shah figured out that the entrepreneurs are facing major problems in starting up their businesses. Entrepreneurs come up with the best business ideas but doesn’t know how to implement it. Majorly because they have thorough knowledge of their start-ups but lacked in legal entity.

Founder and CEO of Afleo.com.jpg
Keval Shah, Founder & CEO, Afleo

There were traditional companies who provided company registrations but didn’t had affordable solutions. They lacked in knowledge and expertise because of which entrepreneurs are unsure to start with them. They also have limited reach and thus provide registrations at high cost. Giving it a thought, Keval decided to start an online business helping entrepreneurs to register their companies and also many more legal services. It is cost friendly and online business has gained wider reach too.

How does it work?

The first thing entrepreneurs start up with is registering their business. Having a legal base is very essential. The worst scenario they might face is where exactly shall they register? Afleo.com is a one stop solution for all the start-ups. It provides various legal services such as Company Registration, Trademark Registration, GST Consultation, Annual Compliance of Companies, Income Tax Returns, Intellectual Property Rights and various other services such as FSSAI Registration, Import Export Code, GST Registration, MSME Registration and Digital Signature Certificate.

Another query comes in an entrepreneur’s mind is that once the company has been registered successfully, what next? Here, they are guided by the professionals available at all times to render services of CA and CS at affordable prices. Help entrepreneurs go through them very precisely and only then decide whether to opt for it or no. Afleo.com started with the simple idea that doing business in India should be very easy. Therefore, we have a team of Professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Lawyers, Chartered Engineers and Bankers all under one roof to achieve our Mission.

How Afleo encourages Women Empowerment?

Women are somewhere hesitant while taking up a business task. Maybe because of the society who hasn’t perceived the idea of working women yet. They probably predict that women can start-up businesses only in food, fashion, designing or creatives and because of such perceptions, women are somewhere lacking behind.

Afleo supports and encourages all the women entrepreneurs believing that they can set their mark in any of the fields. To boost their business, Afleo is providing them company registrations for free. Also, available as their advisor at any point of time.

What are the future goals?

Entrepreneurs and start-ups face tons of problems legally. Afleo aims to provide best customer service and to hold their hand throughout the business cycle. Currently incorporating around 25-30 start-ups per month and their future plan is to increase the number and provide services which will help common man too. They are majorly conducting their business through digital platforms and focusing on faster growing use of technology in this field. Also, expecting an expansion of their business in various metropolitan cities. As people dream for their business start-ups, want to help them to turn into reality.

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