Tailor Brands offers the most innovative and advanced branding platform built using creative machine learning algorithms. It has made branding affordable for small businesses and start-ups by allowing them to design their logos and brand identities instantly with minimal effort. To gain positive recognition among their customers, it is vital for any business to establish their brand identity.

Tailor Brands

This AI start-up based out of Tel Aviv has created an intuitive branding platform using machine learning algorithms which makes it easy for anyone to design customized logos, social media pages, business cards and other promotional materials instantly with very less human effort. Founded by three energetic entrepreneurs Nadav Shatz, Yali Saar and Tom Lahat in 2014, the company has now got clients across the globe and are expanding rapidly.

Tailor Brands platform is a one-stop shop for all your branding requirements as a small business that can’t afford to hire expensive professional designers to create your logos, social media pages and other brand identities. Visual branding is essential for any business and you should create an attractive logo to help your customers identify your brand. Any user without much technical expertise can design attractive logos using the user-friendly wizard in the Tailor Brands platform.

It takes less than 5 minutes to come up with an amazing logo using this revolutionary machine learning powered branding platform. Once you login to Tailor Brands website, you will be taken through a wizard where users have to enter basic information about your business such as Company name, tagline and a brief description about the business. The Wizard also asks the user to choose between Icon-based, Initial-based or Name-based logo. Once you specify the type of logo you want, you can also hint on the logo style by choosing your favourite from a series of pictures thrown by the wizard. Based on your inputs, the platform will come up with a customized logo using the style and colours that reflect the identity of your brand. You can later edit and customize the logo based on your requirement.

Apart from logos, you should also design your social media pages, business cards and other promotional materials in such a way that it reflects your brand values and generates a positive impression among your prospective customers. You can grow your business with Tailor Brands advanced AI-powered branding platform by designing all your marketing elements such as personalized logos, social media pages, business cards and branded watermarks with minimal effort. Using Tailor Brands platform you can avoid the expense of hiring in-house designers to come up with your logo and other branding elements. Also, using AI-based tools for design will be cost-effective when compared to hiring professional designers. Hence, they are an ideal choice for start-ups and small businesses running on a tight budget.

Instead of spending several thousand dollars to hire professional designers, you can get the same things done by subscribing to Tailor Brands platform at just $2.99 per month. They also offer a premium package for small businesses which takes care of your entire brand strategy which includes Brand analytics, Designing seasonal logos, website landing page, social media covers, Facebook advertisements, branded cups, pencils, watermarks etc. needed for marketing your brand. You can also edit your logos whenever you need and they provide unlimited backup. Their support team is readily available through chat and email to handle all your technical queries in a prompt manner.

Tailor Brands is definitely a great platform that provides a cost-effective solution for all your branding needs with relative ease. With clients spread across more than 35 countries, they are constantly growing and are a preferred choice for small businesses and start-ups.

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