He did what every boy or girl is expected to do in the Indian society, Engineering from a reputed college – BITS Pilani, a job in a top MNC – Siemens, and an MBA from the University of Maryland. Upon completion of MBA, he got an offer in NYC, the city that never sleeps. After days of soul-searching, he decided to turn down the offer. People thought he was mad to have done that. However, in his heart, he always knew that his true calling was entrepreneurship. He believes the fact that he comes from a family of entrepreneurs, this was bound to happen.

This is the story of Akshansh Khosla, an enthusiastically driven entrepreneur who gave his all to start something he was always destined to do.

After coming back to India, Akshansh’s dream was to start his own venture and seek funding from renowned investors like Ratan Tata. However, though passion, determination, and talent might be enough for one to become successful in the West, he was completely unprepared for the kind of jostle that was required in a country like ours. Mr. Khosla started a spa/salon finder named Styleburg and was in touch with potential partners and investors as the concept was fresh in India during those days (Now many such concepts have sprung up including the Yuvraj Singh funded venture Vyomo).

Akshansh Khosla
Akshansh Khosla

He found a positive vibe from many investors but all wanted to see the product first. Here lay the problem; the product was outsourced to a company with a large office in Gurgaon. After 10 months, 7 months later of the promised delivery date, the agency delivered a half-baked product. By then,  although he had amalgamated with many spas/salons, the business had lost steam with many competitors in the market and even then, the product delivered was so shoddy that it would have taken another couple of months of fixing.

During this stage, while Styleburg was being developed, Mr. Khosla also initiated a venture named Regal Feast. The concept was to deliver food from the most elite restaurants across Delhi/NCR. There again, the development agency (this time an even bigger agency located in Noida) took at least 30% of the product cost and showed him designs of the product after 2 months. The designs were dreadful and he was utterly disappointed with the lack of professionalism and quality by these web/app development agencies that he contemplated seeing a therapist to help him relieve his frustration.

It was not until he came across the quote “The only way to defeat pain is to recognize that pain exists” by Lewis Ray that he turned things around for himself; this was the beginning of CodeRang.

Since the birth of CodeRang, it has promised nothing but innovative and quality-focused solutions to start-ups and existing businesses in dire need of revival. The idea was to be focused only on providing the best digital solutions for businesses with the passion to see them prosper. The company, due to its high-quality work and honest approach, has been able to grow from a 4 member team to a 35 member team in a matter of just 6 months. It took them a lot of hard work and dedication to bring CodeRang to where it stands today.

The company’s chief goal is and always has been to offer technical and promotional solutions to fulfill the needs and dreams of its clients. The first client they had was TWHS and other clients like Arena Animation, Aptech Institute, HMI, Elitify (to name a few) followed.

This company offers graphics designs for electronic and print mediums, digital marketing services (SEO &SMO), web development services, UI/UX designs for websites and mobile apps.

CodeRang is a diamond in the rough when it comes to offering an array of productive digital services and also web solutions.

Despite being a start-up this company has moved mountains and has created a good name for itself. The services offered are priced reasonably and the outputs are always better than expected (Ask the clients if you don’t take my word).

There are many agencies all over the world that promise to deliver but their words mean nothing if they aren’t put into action. CodeRang, on the other hand, has restored faith in the digital industry and because of their credibility; they have more than 50 entrepreneurs associated with them today. If that isn’t an indicator of a fruitful journey then I don’t know what is.

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