Amazon Leads Traffic In India

The battle between the e-commerce players in India continues, this time for the highest monthly unique visitors. Not to a great surprise, Amazon India has surpassed homegrown Flipkart and Snapdeal in measures of the monthly unique visitors.

According to the data by Internet analytics firm comScore Data, Amazon leads the list with a monthly unique visitor base of 23.6 million in May this year surpassing slightly to Flipkart’s visitor count.

While Flipkart stood second on the list with 23.5 million unique visitors in May, Snapdeal saw 17.9 million in the same month.

Besides this the annual comparison between the three websites show that Amazon witnessed over 142% increase in the number of unique visitors since May last year, followed by Snapdeal at 90% and Flipkart at 80%.

“While unique visitors is a metric to show the growing interest in e-commerce, a better metric to speak about a company’s performance would be the number of repeat customers an online retailer gets,” sai Arvind Singhal, chairman of retail consultancy Technopak.

According to another report by Morgan Stanley, Flipkart accounted for 44% of India’s e-commerce market share, followed by Delhi-based Snapdeal at 32%. Amazon stood at third in the list with 15% market share.

Currently, Flipkart leads the e-commerce space in India in terms of revenue where it expects its GMV to touch INR 76,000 crore in a financial year.

The battle between these e-commerce players will continue as it has been in past years. But we as customers want them to focus more on customer satisfaction rather than visitor base to grow its returning user count.

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