AmodaDeals, India’s largest hyperlocal deals marketplace mobile app was formally launched at Nagpur after seeing success in Nashik, Coimbatore. The mobile app brings customers back to the shops with information about deals, discounts, spot purchase, incentives etc. on their mobile phone from the neighborhood shops and retailers.

70,000 retailers across locations have already associated with AmodaDeals, making it India’s largest hyperlocal sales platform. The primary focus of the app is on tier-II and tier-III cities like Nashik, Coimbatore, Mysore, Madurai, Pune, New Mumbai, Trichy etc. in addition to tier-I and metros including: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi NCR.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Joy Basu, founder of AmodaDeals, said, “Traditional e-commerce suffers from returned goods, dissatisfied customers due to mismatched expectations, faulty products, and faceless transactions. AmodaDeals aims to address all these with the touch of trust as shops in the neighborhood and reputed merchants enjoy years of recognition. With this new app, they are all connected to the people while extending best possible shopping experience within the city while availing similar levels of discounts , deals and offers.”

Headquartered in Pune AmodaDeals spent the last four months in Seller Onboarding process in various cities. The company has targets to close 300000+ approved sellers on the platform by December 2016 spread across 50 locations.

“Bringing customers back to shops and retailers while having the convenience of Mobile shopping is what AmodaDeals has achieved in the locations where we have launched. Exclusive deal arrangements, in-depth local knowledge and integration with merchant inventories are three key drivers of competitive advantage and addressing the challenges in e-commerce that are not being addressed by the industry in tier-II and tier-III cities so far. We are attempting to bring traditional brick-and-mortar retailers on a common platform with mobile technology to serve millions of customers who have been steadily moving away from retail shopping experience for various reasons,” adds Mr. Basu.

AmodaDeals is an example of increasing interest in Glocal Deals (Go Local). The mobile app delivers deals, discounts, stock clearance, and store inventory sales platform for all kind of sellers, including retailers, small businesses, and large shops from unorganized or organized sectors. The platform aims to enable smart, hyper local commerce in tier-II and tier-III cities for local businesses through mobile and allow retailers to attract customers back to brick-and-mortar shops.

“Mobile commerce and hyperlocal commerce is an expensive proposition. Investments are critical in such a business and AmodaDeals has entered the market with sufficient resources and funds to take on this retail revolution,” Mr. Basu concludes.

AmodaDeals growth plans per city include

  • Increasing merchants coverage to have at least 4000 shops listed with exclusive deals, inventory sale option in each city
  • Increase number of deals to 2000 deals per month from the current average of 800 deals
  • Target on an average 10% of daily shopping through the mobile platform over next 18 months.
  • Enable at least 50% of registered Retailers, Shopkeepers to start uploading their deals, discounts and daily sales through the platform over next 12 months
  • Bring in discounts from the large brands directly to each of our retailers and pass it on to Nagpur AmodaDeals app users

AmodaDeals India Growth Plan over next 12 months

  • Add 300000 (Sellers) on the AmodaDeals mobile app platform
  • Go live in 30 tier-II and tier-III locations in addition to selected tier-I locations
  • Enable Inventory Sales of all 300000 registered sellers
  • Include 100000 regular customers per location where AmodaDeals is available.

So be ready to experience this new wave of hyperlocal exclusive deal platform currently available on android.

Install AmodaDeals mobile App from Google play store.

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