Ascian Consultancy – The Startup Assistant
Ascian Consultancy – The Startup Assistant

Built with the idea and passion to revolutionize the Entrepreneurial culture, Ascian Consultacny, a Delhi based startup consultancy firm aims to make the Indian startups to reach out their potential customers.

Founded by Delhi based two young techies,  Deepanshu and Vasishta, Ascian Consultancy helps the startups in startup assistance, digital marketing, branding and legal issues. The company was founded   on April 5th, 2013 by the two youngsters to take the entrepreneurial world to the next level.

Vasistha (co-founder, Ascian Consultancy)
Vasistha (co-founder, Ascian Consultancy)

The both vibrant minds are childhood friends and share same school. What Vasishta recognizes about the pair is, they always wanted to start their own company from the schooling days. Deepanshu is perusing his BE (hons.) in Computer Programming from BITS Hyderabad and Vasishta is a third year student of School of Liberal Studies PDPU, Gandhinagar.

While asked about the story behind the startup, Vasishta shares,

“When working in start-ups, we realized that it is difficult to bootstrap yourself. Throughout school and now through college life, we were recognized for our sharp intellect and warm personalities, so we figured that, our characteristic shortcomings and selling points combined together could prove much more useful. We Brainstormed all night, and decided to change the situation and do something worthwhile. After 12 hrs. Of grueling brainstorm and countless thought-trains we came up with the answer!!!”

From the ideation stage to making it a global business, the consultancy helps startups in each and every stage. The firm provides services like web presence management, startup consultancy, branding and digital marketing.

Ascian Consultancy has some big players as their clients within a year of launching. Their clients include GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, PDPU Green Run 2014, Manpreet Dhami, W.A.R.D.S and Laundrify. Also it has partnered with Law Way Professionals consultancy and iSynergize Software Solutions to provide its clients with better legal support and web services.

India has witnessed large number of startups making their way to international market from last several years and one is of the leading countries to give the most innovative solutions to the world’s entrepreneurial economy. Ascian Consultancy is one of the leading players in the startup assistance field.

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