Not having to worry about your child’s safety even when she’s not in front of your eyes. A timely message from your spouse about the delay in reaching home by office cab. Assurances like these are priceless in today’s unsafe environment where we spend so much time worrying about the safety of our loved ones on a daily basis. Asti Infotech, a Bangalore based software company, decided to tackle these important issues by working on comprehensive, intelligent and user-friendly tracking solutions.

The company endeavours to develop practical solutions that help customers in dealing with day-to-day problems using cutting-edge technologies. In addition to ensuring a safe commute to office and school, Asti’s solutions also empower Sales Managers to keep track of their teams in real time and enable parents to stay in constant touch with school administration & teachers for important updates.

Some of Asti’s popular customer-centric tracking solutions include:


Trakom: The School Bus & Student Tracking System

‘Complete peace of mind for parents and school authorities’: this assurance is what makes Trakom one of our bestselling and most appreciated solutions!

Keeping in mind the growing demand for advanced security systems for student commute and their safety in school, our team has developed the school bus & student tracking system Trakom. It uses GPS tracking technology for real time school bus monitoring. Parents and admin can view the movement of buses on live map through their mobile and web app respectively. It sends timely notifications about unscheduled routes or delays, bus arrival/departure time, and student’s boarding/deboarding confirmation via email or SMS thus keeping parents stressfree and well informed.

Trakom also keeps a track of student movement within school premises and ensures their safety at all times through RFID scanners at various points in the school. It alerts school authorities in case students enter restricted areas, are missing from a class or in school after scheduled hours. Parents also receive prompt messages if there ward moves out of school premises before scheduled time.

Imprint: Salesforce Management Solution

Imprint, the salesforce management app serves as an advanced salesforce tracking and management solution for IT industry, which simplifies constant monitoring of the sales team’s movement. Imprint mobile app is used by the sales team while web app is operated by the managers.  Complete tracking of all the trips made by the sales team, timesheet  management, analysis of the performance  of each and every sales agent, and much more can be managed by a single app.

AFM (Asti Fleet Management): Effective Employee Safety

AFM assures safe commute of employees traveling by office cabs or buses through its feature-rich and user friendly interface. The multifunctional platform can handle safety management, vehicle location tracking, speed management, driver management, and route planning from a single dashboard. Employees can receive notifications about change in routes or schedules and can share their ride details and coordinates with family members. To counter the growing crimes against employees commuting for night shifts (especially women employees), Asti Fleet Management also supports an Alarm and Panic button for any such grave situations. It immediately alerts transport admin and emergency contacts and sends GPS co-ordinates for immediate action.

Smart Communication Solution: For schools

Smart Communication solution plays an important role in developing a better understanding between parents, teachers, and students. It supports bi-directional chat option through which parents-teachers and teacher-student can communicate with each other and can share study material, documents and important information. Parents can view all the upcoming school event details, exam notice and schedule on the notice board option in their mobile apps.

The Company
Asti Infotech Team

Founded in 2013 by professionals from top Indian schools, Asti Infotech has emerged as a quick-growing technology driven company offering customizable tracking solutions that solve real problems. We cater to solutions for the education, transportation, banking, retail, insurance and hospitality sectors. Our enthusiastic team is committed to exploring latest technologies to create simple yet effective solutions.

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