Axilor Ventures announced the list of 20 startups that made it to its Summer’17 accelerator batch. This is its fifth batch and is the largest accelerator cohort in India.

Axilor's Summer '17 Accelerator cohort
Axilor’s Summer ’17 Accelerator cohort

Talking of the new accelerator cohort, Ganapathy Venugopal, Co-founder and CEO of Axilor said, “The institutional capacity to support early stage startups in India is quite low – whether it is the structured programs to systematically improve the odds of success of startups, the market access that they need in their early days or the angel investment capacity. This has been Axilor’s mission and by doubling the capacity of this batch to 20 startups we have taken one more step to bridge these gaps. We are very excited to work with the new cohort.”

Welcoming the startups into the batch, Asutosh Upadhyay, Head of Programs at Axilor, said “The demand for our program has been overwhelming and validates the need for such programs among founders. Unlike the previous batches, most of the startups are post launch and some of them post-revenues. Our 100-day program is designed to help them make rapid progress, gain business traction and get funded. Axilor’s market network provides early access to customers and partners. They get to work with resident advisors on the riskiest parts of their business and finally get funded.” Axilor’s growing community of 100+ founders is another big draw. Being part of this community allows them to learn from other experienced founders, tap into each other’s networks and seek help.

List of the 20 Startups that made to the fifth batch

Detect: Detect is a Drone data-as-a-service company focused on helping manufacturing industries ensure asset integrity and proactive monitoring leading to enormous cost reduction. Detect’s solution is currently in use in some of India’s largest oil & gas companies.

Niramai: 95% of breast cancers are curable if detected early. Yet 76,000 women die in India alone and more than 700,000 globally, every year. Niramai is working on a non-invasive, radiation-free, painless and low cost cancer screening solution.

Orbuculum: Genomic data holds the key to predicting health. Orbuculum uses AI on genome data to predict diseases such as cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Orbuculum’s AI tool will help doctors diagnose chronic diseases early thus reducing cost and improving effectiveness. Last mile logistics is big with an estimated 2 billion+ annual deliveries by 2020 in India alone. But they are also expensive, manual and error-prone escalating costs and compromising customer experience.’s SaaS product automates the entire last mile logistics planning and helps increase the same day delivery output to 95% with 25% lesser delivery fleet and 40% cost savings.

Adya Inc: All enterprises are prone to Cybersecurity threats – not just the ones who can afford an expensive on-premise security product. Adya’s network and endpoint cybersecurity SaaS product helps enterprises protect themselves from employee theft and ransomware – a problem affecting more than 70% of enterprises, globally.

CoPro: Events and business conferences are ubiquitous. But there is no tool that can assess audience engagement and generate actionable insights and analytics for the organizers. Crowd Product (CoPro) is pioneering the way audiences engage during events. Already used in leading startup events including Nasscom Product Conclave 2016, TiE Product Showcases and many more VC events.

Extraaedge: Student acquisition for educational institutes is highly expensive, conventional and inefficient. Extraaedge is a “Salesforce+Hubspot” for educational enterprises that generates a 3X RoI on their marketing and sales spend.

Gig Production: Event organisers want large audiences but struggle to manage pre-event and post-event audience engagement. Used by the likes of DJ Snake and Sunburn, Gig’s automated communication tool bridges this gap and connects concert organisers to their audience, right on Facebook messenger.

Maroon: Maroon is a predictive analytics platform that enables enterprise sales teams achieve upto 44% higher conversions on their marketing and sales leads.

Rucept: Rucept is a powerful merchandising platform for high traffic content creators globally. It helps them monetize their art and engagement through products without investing in sampling, manufacturing stocking and distribution.

Healthfin: Healthfin makes healthcare procedures affordable for consumers. Especially with low penetration of medical insurance, Healthfin helps patients secure credit support for expensive medical procedures. With an inventory of >4000 hospitals and 9500 diagnostic centres, HealthFin helps patients discover the best hospitals and secure funding.

Legal Docs: Executing legal documents, especially for consumer needs (like rental agreements, PoA registrations etc) is time consuming, expensive and is dependent on multiple parties. Legaldocs is the fastest growing, Do-It-Yourself portal that enables the entire legal process – documenting, verification, validation and online registration. Currently a partner to Govt of Maharashtra on the e-governance project, it also enables Aadhar based verification for Legal doc preparation.

TaxGenie: GST is coming! It brings with it a new multi-billion software market for GST compliance. Taxgenie is a platform that will help the 30million MSMEs be GST compliant and manage their businesses with just a smart phone and spreadsheets.

Castiko: Entertainment in India is big and one of the top 5 markets globally. But casting, a critical aspect impacting the quality of production, is archaic, manual and time consuming. Castiko revolutionises how casting directors discover, audition and cast actors by bringing the entire cast recruitment workflow online. With around 50 lakhs bite-sized lessons consumed and more than 4 lakh games played, has established itself as on-the-go learning platform for folks looking to improve their English skills

Multibashi: With an average session length of more than 9 mins on the app, Multibhashi makes the experience of acquiring a new language highly realistic with audios recorded by native speakers and simulation of real life situations.

YourQuote: YourQuote’s mission is to make everyone quotable – by helping people capture their thoughts on mobile and broadcast their words as ‘google-able’ quotes. Currently gaining rapid traction with over 40k organic downloads and 6k+ DAUs.

PocketPill: With 300k downloads and >80k MAUs, PocketPill has established the use case for solving $300 billion problem of medication non-adherence in chronic patients by bringing affordable medicine to everyone, saving costs and improving health outcomes.

Talkadoc: Chronic disease management is protocol-driven, time consuming and requires frequent doctor visits. In cases like mental health, with the doctor-patient ratio of 1:1100, there aren’t enough doctors. Talkadoc’s product allows doctors to increase the acceptance of new cases by at least 25%. This is achieved by helping them automate the entire patient management process. Currently focused on mental health, it is already being used by over 30 doctors and 20k patients and caregivers.

Treatgo: Healthcare is expensive all over the world. More than 7m people travel to other countries every year in search of cheaper and more effective treatments – 300k travel to India alone. Treatgo is an online platform to help international patients and referring doctors compare, choose and reserve medical treatments.

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