BarkLoot - Your Dog's Favorite Box

“Some believe in luck and destiny. She wasn’t one of them; she always believed that we take charge of our life. But somewhere in the past one or so year she had been thinking, do things turn out the way they do because we meant it to happen or is it because it was meant to happen.”

Till Jan 2014, Usha was nowhere near to or connected to a pet.  Neither she nor any of her close friends or relatives had a pet. She was scared of even a little puppy. Then everything changed on Jan 30 2014, when her husband Raghav somehow convinced to get a dog. From that day on when Atom (yes, that’s his name!!!)  walked around his new home exploring every space, he walked right into everyone’s heart. He filled othe home with happiness and has been the best part of our life till now.

And almost a year after that she ended up starting BarkLoot.

As a pet parent, Usha and raghav used to shower Atom with loads of toys and treats bought from nearby stores. But he wasn’t fond of these toys and also there was an instance when playing with a particular toy he started bleeding from the gum. That’s when the husband-wife duo realised that there might be many such pet parents like them who might be compromising with the products they provide to their dogs. Our pets love us so unconditionally and make us feel so special every day, it’s our responsibility too to provide them the best of everything.

That’s when they thought to come up with something that will help the pet parents to provide the best of the products and at affordable cost.

“We at BarkLoot scout for pawsome products which are not only safe but will also benefit our pups both stimulation wise and health wise”, says Usha.

With BarkLoot monthly subscriptions which starts at as low as Rs. 999/month, pups get to enjoy different products every month and also the pet parents can save big on time and money by letting the start-up curate and deliver the products right to their doorsteps.

Women like Usha are changing the way we do something for our loved one’s, let that be human or animals. Best wishes to the duo from us for their venture and future endeavors.

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