Become A Celebrity

Admit it. Just the word ‘celebrity’ gives you the thrills. Back in the good old days, that word had a pretty defined meaning. It referred to that super-elite, superhuman segment of people that made looking good and being rich seem effortless.

Today, being a celebrity is less about being an expert in a niche and more about being known and ‘followed’. Nope, we’re not recommending cultivating a stalker base here: we’re talking about an online fan following. It’s all in the numbers baby.

The more people you’ve got checking in to whatever you’re offering online, the higher is your celebrity game. And if you’re just starting out or haven’t reached the online equivalent of needing big glasses and hat disguise, our pro tips will take you from a nobody to a somebody in no time.

# Don’t Be Shy Honey!

You’d be surprised at just how many people are still trying to make do with cartoon avatars or plain old screen names in this day and age. Whether you’re a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a makeup artist or a techie expert- people want to see and learn from and talk to a real person. If you’re shy, you’re just not cut out to be an online celebrity. You can’t have both fame and anonymity. Get ready to put your face, voice and words out there. Blame it on the easy access of the Internet or the inherent curiosity of people but everyone wants an in on others’ lives. Even if they’re random strangers. Especially if they’re random strangers with a fabulous take on life. You can’t be famous without being known, can you?

# Grab Them Eyeballs

Internet celebrity is all about catching attention and keeping it. In the super fast-paced world of the Internet, doing this is no mean feat. So, you’ve got to pop off the screen and get people to take notice. Catchy headlines, fabulous photographs, interesting tweets, crazy skills and smart advertising are what it takes to get people to pause on the Internet. Don’t ever expect people to find you just because you’ve got quality content or enthusiasm.

# Define Your Thing

Your ‘thing’ is whatever your celebrity is all about: you’re going to be known for something, right? Whether you’ve got the wackiest eye for style or you bake like a culinary goddess or you can do killer workouts, you need to know what you want to be known by. If you want to be famous for being famous, you’ll still need a brand and some things that are a trademark of you. Get started on creating a thorough personality, signature moves and fix your USP pronto.

Use all the third party tools you have at your disposal. Link together your various social media accounts to create a massive reach. You reach more people this way, and so expand your audience incredibly. If you want to lead the way as an online celeb you’ve got to cover all your bases. You might have some followers on this platform but not on that: linking all your profiles and accounts together will help with both widening and drawing in the net!

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