Eco friendly workplaces are employee friendly work places. They not only contribute towards reducing carbon foot prints but also add aesthetic value and boost the productivity of the staff.

The millennial offices are more than concrete structures. They are an identity to the businesses and a second home to the staff. By promoting green culture in the offices, the enterprises go a big way to realize their responsibility towards their employees and the environment.

As the calendar pages flip to usher in 2017, many businesses gear up with new goals and objectives. We suggest you integrate these ideas this year, to relay positivity at your workplace.

Eco Friendly Workspace

It is impossible to create a productive workplace without adopting effective lighting solutions. Refurbishing luminaires may look like a trivial affair in the beginning, but they effectively boost workplace productivity. As per the literature review titled –Impact of Work Environment on Performance of Employees in Manufacturing Sector in India adequate lighting system” is one of the 4 major factors that contribute towards employee productivity. However, need for adequate lighting system is not just restricted to manufacturing sector. It is an essential requirement across industry verticals, which is why it should be on the priority list for all offices in 2017.

Natural light for the ideal lighting solution

The artificial lighting has an adverse impact on the staff’s mental and physical wellbeing. Most of the time, artificial lighting is not uniform leading to eye strain and headaches. Also, artificial lighting solutions, such as fluorescent lighting is harsh on employees’ ocular health and productivity. Employees, sensitive to flickering light, find it hard to work under fluorescent lamps for long hours. This is where the relevance of natural lights comes in.

A study by PMCI, highlighted that employees working in a windowless environment showed poor scores of physical activities as compared to those who were exposed to the natural light. Natural lighting not only reduces the chances of eye strain and other health problems but is also a cost-efficient option.

Energy-efficient lighting with LED

LEDs or light emitting diodes, are an energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting solution. Unlike florescent lighting, LEDs are free of toxic chemicals. Along with the natural lighting through windows, offices can rely on LED lights to achieve delightful lighting experiences.

Unlike ordinary lights, LED lights are long lasting and consume 50% less power than incandescent lamps. Hence, they are also cost effective and drastically slash the electricity bills. For instance, Wipro offers a wide range of energy efficient lighting solutions for offices like LED recessed luminaires , pendant luminaires , surface mounted luminaires , task lights, down lights, specifically meant for contemporary offices.

verge led
Verge LED
immaculate led
Immaculate LED







LED lighting has also become synonymous with green lighting. This helps in creating a healthy work environment for the dynamic workforce.

Go green with indoor plants

As a beautiful addition to the interiors, natural plants up the visual appeal of the offices. Natural plants are not just aesthetically appealing, but also play a significant role in keeping the office air clean. Toxic elements like formaldehyde are absorbed easily by indoor plants to reduce the pollution level. Bamboo palm, peace lily and spider plants not only look aesthetically appealing, but also prevent indoor air pollution.


Initiate a switch off campaign for lights and other electronic devices

To conserve energy, enterprises must promote innovative ways to enforce green culture. A switch off campaign for lights and other electronic devices can be one such drive making employees more cognizant towards energy wastage and consumption. For instance, during a specific day in the month, power to work stations and office lights should be shut down for an hour during working hours. That one hour could be utilized for team building or HR activities. This practice will allow offices to achieve two purposes – cleaner environment & a positive work culture.

Concluding thoughts

New Year comes with new resolutions for individuals and even for businesses. Businesses will have a bright and prosperous 2017 in the true sense when they create a productive work environment which is in sync with the sustainable business practices. Our environment is at risk and global warming is a reality. In order to reduce the impact of industrialization on the environment, these small yet significant practices can prove to be highly beneficial in the long run.

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