MBA For Entrepreneurs

As a startup founder you need the foundational knowledge and connections that can be acquired in business schools. There are many regular and distance MBA programs available for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is up to them to select the best course as per their skills and interests. There are a number of MBA exams in India, which one has to attempt to get into these institutions. Below is a list of the top entrepreneurial MBA programs in the country to help you making the right choice.

Xavier School of Management, Jharkhand

Course- Post Graduate Programme for certificate in Entrepreneurship Management (PGPCEM)

This course for the aspiring entrepreneurs is offered by the XLRI i.e. Xavier School of management through its entrepreneurship development centre.  The main objective is to spread the awareness regarding the business program and provide a platform for the ones who are all set to trend in this field.  All the conceptual and the operational aspects are covered under this programme. It is a full time six month course.

Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Gandhinagar

Course- Post graduate diploma in Management – Business entrepreneurship

This course offers a full time two-year programme for the students who are interested in business ventures. It has been designed specifically for the entrepreneurs to encourage them in critical and creative thinking in order to foster their aspirations and facilitate the new ventures by providing them a practical learning environment. The course is offered by the EDI i.e. Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India situated in Gandhinagar.

SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

SYB (Start your business certification program), GYB (Grow your business certification program) and TEM (The entrepreneurial Manager) are the three courses offered by this prestigious institute. It is very essential for the aspiring candidates as these courses help in finding the best venture creation for the students, the pros and cons, help in commercializing the grass root inventors. The SP Jain institute of management and Research in Mumbai offers these courses for the students for imparting best quality education to them. These courses promote the interest of students in the field of entrepreneurship and make them learn all the practical aspects of business.

NMIMS, Mumbai

The full time master of business administration in Family and Entrepreneurship business along with Part time MBA in social entrepreneurship are the programmes which are offered by the NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) in Mumbai. The university has been offering the programme since 1999. In this way, the family owned businesses are able to adjust to the changing business environment in the economy. The course is offered by the department i.e. Centre for sustainability management and social entrepreneurship which interests all the social work professionals to work and expand their businesses in various sectors. The objective of corporate social responsibility is also achieved with the help of these courses.

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore

EDP popularly known as Entrepreneurship Development programme is offered by the XIME. It is an annual basis course which is spread into six modules. This course is for the students who want their own self sustaining social service organizations which prove useful to the society.

Other reputed programs

The MBA in family business and entrepreneurship is offered by the Nirma institute of Management in Ahmadabad & is a two year MBA course which specializes in the field of family business and entrepreneurship. The new generation of family businesses are the target audience of this course. The people who inherit and the students who have to take care of the succession are involved in this type of course. These are the students who have no experience of business and have to take care of the family successions. The young graduates with better entrepreneurial ambitions are welcomed here in this course.

There are courses like MPWE (Management programme for women entrepreneurs) and MPEFB (Management programme for family business) which are offered by NSRCEL (Nadathur S Rahghavan centre for Entrepreneurial learning), IIM Bangalore for the aspiring women who are interested in starting their own ventures. This university also runs an incubator cell for the startups for motivating them. There are various programmes which offer one year certificate courses which empower women and make them more independent. This is done to make ways for the women aspirants in this field.

Distance Programs

There are various online MBA courses in entrepreneurship along with business management and strategy in the UBS e. University business school. It is one of the best virtual learning institutes which provide open learning in the form of distance education. They have collaboration with Don Bosco University Global which is an online e-education platform by the Assam Don Bosco University. They offer courses such as MBA in entrepreneurship and Business management strategies. There are various forms in which the learning takes place here. It can be in the form of virtual classrooms, recorded sessions, live sessions or the e-books.

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