Researchers’ time is highly valuable, however their time is being spent on handling various administrative works especially looking out for information on various research needs which are required as part of their day-to-day custom research activities. A Rough estimation is that researchers are spending at least day or two in a week just finding the information using those bulky catalogue books manually, where many of their custom requirements are not met. This stems the idea of creating BiotechKart as an online directory where one can search for their research needs and order online to get the product/service at the door steps of their lab hassle-freely.

Founder & CEO of BiotechKart Syed Hussain Basha, being an Independent researcher himself working in collaboration with several scientists across globe has closely observed that many researchers are spending considerable amount of their valuable time in just looking out for information on how to and where to find their (custom) research requirements. On the other hand, their research needs are being ordered via various local agencies / distributors / dealers who are in-turn the sub-agencies / distributors / dealers of others thus the presence of this multiple agencies/distributors/dealers between the manufacturer and the customer is increasing the cost of a product almost double and sometimes 3-4 times based on demand, which is one of the major causes towards the increased research costs thus limiting many of much needed biotech products making into the market he added.

BiotechKart is unique and first of its kind to provide all research needs at one place and giving information of price for each product displayed and giving a direct “Add to cart” and checkout option in the website itself for conforming their orders; compared to other web portals who are offering online catalogues with options like “Add to enquiry”, “contact us to get the quote” etc., (which again giving the vendor the leverage of manipulating with the price according to the demand or funding capabilities of the customer).

Syed Hussain Basha, CEO. BiotechKart
Syed Hussain Basha, CEO. BiotechKart

Syed Hussain Basha, CEO of BiotechKart says, “after our launch two months ago, we are reaching out to at least 10,000 visitors/customers via website and social media platforms per day; majority of the traffic is from USA, Europe, UK, Canada after India. So far we have tied up with several important product manufacturers of research needs like Profoldin, Boster Immunoleader, USA, Abbexa, UK, Aristogene, Innovation Knowledge park, Pentagrit, Scure India to mention few among others, thus holding ~1 lakh products database as of today, which is being categorized and added into the website day by day. This catalogue is expected to cross 10 lakhs in coming 6 months as we are being contacted by several manufacturers from across globe especially USA, UK, Europe and china towards finding them good market share across globe via”

Syed Hussain Basha also shared his future vision for the company and said that next version of web interface will enable academia/industries to have their own (authorized & exclusive) accounts to look into their (custom) requirements and one can choose to call for tenders (if large quantities), can choose to have bidding from different suppliers (open or closed as per their interest) in order to procure their needs at very competitive prices by ordering online.

BiotechKart is ultimately aiming at creating a complete solution for research, especially drug discovery by building the web portal in such a way that it meets all the requirements whether its research products, job, scholarship, funding information, news, custom service requirements etc., as an end to end solution.

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