Blockchain Technology can be life-changing if utilized with the proper skill set is no mystery in today’s business world. Following the big announcement of Amazon moving into Blockchain with startup Kaleido last month, Amazon is now amongst the list of other corporate giants like IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, JP Morgan, HSBC. Basically, blockchain is a continuously growing list of records (blocks) containing relevant information that are linked and secured by cryptography, thus having high-end security design. Though blockchain technology dates back to the early 90’s, much of the Indian commercial market remains oblivious to it. Today at the Startup Journal, we discuss how this audacious startup is empowering as well as educating the Indian cosmos about Blockchain with its extensive services.

What is SecureBlocks? How exactly does it work?

SecureBlocks: The Blockchain startup
SecureBlocks: The Blockchain Startup

“With great powers come great responsibilities.” Having said that, according to a recent study in Bangalore by Belong, a hiring solutions startup it has been found out that only one out of 400 software developers in India are qualified to work on blockchain technology. And that is exactly where SecureBlocks comes in the picture – a startup based in New Delhi that believes in the vision to make blockchain products flexible enough to be adopted by masses. Focused on educating the people about blockchain, this startup continuously tries to connect more and more companies to create a great ecosystem which continuously works for the adoption of this generally misunderstood technology and provides comprehensive services like:

  • Initial Coin Offering: A source of revenue for startups, these tokens hold huge value to the investors when the project launches. SecureBlocks has developed multiple successful ICOs with the development of Smart Contracts
  • Decentralized Exchange: Trading directly between peers through an automated process without depending on the third party service to hold the funds, SecureBlocks makes sure to provide smooth user experience and secure transactions
  • Cryptocurrency Wallet: A service that provides high-end security to your crypto-currency as well as providing smooth user experience is what SecureBlocks strives for
  • Decentralized Application: SecureBlocks provides DAPP to prevent any single point failure with Smart Contracts an essential application of such service
  • Blockchain Consulting: SecureBlocks provides the required knowledge one needs to get build a solution on Blockchain if they’re new to blockchain

How did the idea of a startup based on Blockchain come across in India?

The three co-founders of Secure Blocks namely Aniket, Satyam Agrawal & Vikas Panwar are the ex-employees of the Newgen. Satyam have been associated with some well-known names of Blockchain Industry like Etherparty, Polymath etc. Aniket has worked on internal team building and grooming; moving forward with his vision, he also started education venture of SecureBlocks named “SecureBlocks Academy” that focuses to educate the enthusiastic people on the blockchain related technologies. Vikas Panwar, the CFO & Co-Founder of SecureBlocks has an upper hand with understanding finance along with his tech expertise that has helped SecureBlocks to build significant Fintech products for several clients.

Meet the founders of SecureBlocks (from left): Satyam Agrawal, Aniket and Vikas Panwar
Meet the founders of SecureBlocks (from left): Satyam Agrawal, Aniket and Vikas Panwar

In India, initially, the setup for SecureBlocks was exhaustive. Not many people were aware of blockchain technology and therefore the hardships were greater and uncertain. But there was no stopping to SecureBlocks as the founders were determined by the potential of this technology in the Indian market. Leaving jobs, educating people about blockchain and finally finding the balance was just about the beginning for this bootstrapped startup that came live on 20th November 2017. Today, Secure Blocks’ clientele extends to organizations like WandX, RPToken, Public Reputation Network,, BlockApps, Tuurnt, Globatrix and many more.

How does Blockchain work in real world? How does SecureBlocks make it any easier?

In recent times it has become apparent that blockchain is about far more than just Bitcoin. Let us say if we need to make an international payment these days, it takes about two working days as well as a huge minimum costs along with the domestic clearances of both the nations. But the same through blockchain would take only ten minutes at the transaction cost of trifling. In case of an insurance claim, the blockchain can be used to record all contracts and claims nullifying the chances of multiple claims by the same user concurrently assuring the user of any scams or claims by the insurance company that they have already issued a payout. These scenarios happen in which are called Smart Contracts that is one of the many services that SecureBlocks have it on their strengths – DAPP that provides all control in the users’ hands.

However, SecureBlocks also believes in making the users aware of the concept of blockchain through the initiative of SecureBlocks Academy to promote the worldwide acceptability of this path-breaking technology. From InterPlanetary File System certificates to training by senior developers & Blockchain Enthusiasts, SecureBlocks Academy is the place to be for all the blockchain nerds. And that’s not even all SecureBlocks Academy in partnership with Public Reputation Network & Apni Pathshala has internship choices that can even turn into employment opportunity if one possesses the required excellence.

Looking ahead we can say that this innovative startup – SecureBlocks with this profound technology has a long way to go and can lead us to many amazing solutions showcasing that this is truly a technological marvel of the future.

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